Inappropriate behavior..

I had a very weird morning!!

I was working in the morning.
Had a very weird guy coming to the clinic.
He came because of cough, and runny nose.
As I was advising him about the haze and stuff, he asked me,'Doctor boleh cek kemaluan saya yak?'.
I didn't think of anything at first as sometimes people do have problem down there.

It is a usual thing to examine your part with a chaperone.

However, most guys, all guys that I have seen would feel very uncomfortable to have a lady doctor check you huhu. They would either, 'hmm, saya nak doktor laki. Takpala saya p klinik lain'.
'Doktor, tak cek boleh tak saya cerita saja'.

Or if they are really really desperate , they would show you just a little bit and cover the surrounding.
They would not simply strip in front of you.

I have examined guys and old men in hospitals mostly a lot and the sight would not have surprised me, trust me.

Still, I didn't feel right about this man. He was around early 30s.

So, I asked him 'What is wrong ...?'

He replied 'hmm saya rasa xselesa sb saya rasa kdg2 dia kecut'.

Okay I have never heard this complain before. I am not an expert in this field.
me:Ada bengkak apa2 ke yang tak kena? 

him:Tak de tapi doc tgkla.
me:Ada apa2 masalah tak?Macam mana jadinya?

him:Hmmm taktaula to doktor tgkla.

Now, what should I do? Is this a legit complain. Is he having a real problem?Why can't he state a real complaint?
Okay, just hold on, let me get a nurse to accompany me.

I call a nurse and she stood next to me.
I told the man to prepare himself behind the curtain.
When I went in , he just striped everything from waist to down and lied on the patient's bed.
I took one quick look and everything was very very normal.

He said,'Skrg tak kecut tapi selalu kecut. Ada apa2 xdoktor?Skrg okay'.

He asked me while looking at his huhu.

I replied that everything looks normal and started to walk away.

He then continued,'doktor boleh pegang tak tgk kot kot ada yang xkena'.

Hey man, you don't even know what is wrong with your whatever and you confessed that it looks normal now but you are telling me to pegang.

Never in my experiences a male patient asked me to pegang. Usually I would check and they would silently suffer. Nobody in their right mind would suggest for anyone to touch their private part. Man who has hernia, orchitis and etc tremble at the site of being examined by a lady doctor.
Even once I had to examine a Myanmar worker and he refused adamantly. Since my boss insisted that I examined his huhu, I had to sooth him and said that this was my ordinary thing and he has nothing to be embarassed about.

So I said that everything seemed very normal and I don't think that it is necessary to examine.
I could see there was nothing at all.
If he feels whatever bothering him returns again, he can be referred to the Urogenital specialist.

He still ask me a lot about his penis and asking me if I should really check.
He still insisted for me to touch it.

There was something about his tones and facial expression that just give me the creeps.

I still maintain a neutral professional face until he went away.

My nurse was shaking to the knees.
She felt the creeps too.

I sat on my chair and think..
I have seen thousands of patients but never had this funny feelings. It was an instinct telling you to protect yourself. Tak sedap hati.
I wonder if I was being over the top. But its not like I have never examined a man.

My nurse was convinced that the man was a psycho , a sex maniac for the way he talked and acted.

Ladies are believed to have a six sense which is when you feel 'tak sedap hati' you should trust.
Like if a co-worker does an advance on you, flirt, sexual assaults and thus, if they made you uncomfortable, trust your instincts. Thats what I read from experts.

I am brushing the incident off now. Pshuuuuhh from my shoulders.

I might be a doctor, but I am a girl after all. Very vulnerable actually.


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