Reward myself

I am a happy girl today.
Is not that I was sad before but today made me extra happy.
You know how at times you work too much to reach a target.
I have been saving some money recently to pay back my unpaid leave which I took during my pregnancy. That was 1 month before my due date since I didn't want to be away from my husband and family in a critical moment.
Since, the office didn't cut my salary, which I have used purposely, I had to pay back the amount.
So I have received the letter last week. The letter!! And I had to pay RM7334.46 cash. Hahahaha.
Can you imagine paying that much at one go??Okay maybe if you guys are rich and which I am not.
Anyway I have saved the money, worked my ass for it. Didn't spend a dime at all.

Now I feel very light and free.
So, I thought I deserve something right??

I have decided ya dem right I deserve a gift for myself.
My gifts will arrive soon and I can't wait.

Work hard and enjoy life.
When you just work and no play, life gets boring.
Alright I am just comforting myself hahaha.
Anyway I feel so good for spending. Usually I would feel bad for being spendthrift. Would question myself if I really need the stuff eventhough I am not a shopaholic. I have read that other girls shop monthly but not me. This time I feel good. I must have earned this:)

Lets reward ourselves once in a while:)


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