Street musician

My street musician..

My husband is an art person. Translation.. he likes literature, art, musics, film. teatre.
I on the other hand is a tone deaf. I was cursed with the inability to use musical instruments.
Many years ago, I would have jumped at the thought of me playing a guitar and sing. How cool is that?
Sadly, I can't sing. But I tell people that I don't do 'karaoke'. Not my thing. The truth is that I can't sing. Quote from my husband 'You nyanyi macam takda irama. Straight saja'.
In my defense, I wasn't singing but rapping. Duhh.

Back in  med school days, Cud and I went to our classmate's apartment where they kept a big drum, 2 electric guitars and some other instruments. They actually had their own band.
Promptly we decided to play something and sing. Of course 'rock kapak' Salem since that has always been my favourite rock kapak. So in a split second Cud could learn how to play the drum and she can play keyboard too. Me? Owh I tried drumming. I just couldn't correlate the hands bangging the plate and the foot hitting the drum. 

In the good spirit nature, they didn't want to leave me behind, so they let me shake the maracas. You know the chi keching thingy.

My reaction was 'haah this is easy'.

Yet when everything was ready and we started playing the music, singing, my maracas was out of tune. Everybody was playing along so well and I just spoiled the whole tune.

Since then I thought I wasn't going to embarass myself with any instrument.

However, I married a guy who likes music, singing, guitar and he sings all the time. In the car,in the room, even when I was talking to him,waiting an answer.
He'll be singing and totally left the question unanswered.

Who else loves music??
My baby Isabella loves music.
She really enjoys her daddy performing in front of her.

Today for the first time I managed to con my husband into recording him on my ipad. He thought I was just checking my fb in my 'telekung'. Well, I told him that. I was just checking fb before I pray.

Isabella really enjoys 'daddy and baby's time'.
I don't know how to post a video in blog yet so you can check on my instagram:)


There is a music school Yamaha near my house and they teach kids piano, guitar, violin and etc.
I want Isabella to learn piano.
Music helps you utilize both hemisphere of your brain.
That is why, musician can be quite intelligent.

Me earlier today, going to KKM.

Wearing another crumple shawl from @lovely spell.

Yup because I was lazy to iron.


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