Wandering around in KLCC

Remember the other day I had purchased several outfits from fashion valet??
They have arrived in the morning while I was in the bathroom.
I could hear my husband asking me what I have bought?

He opened the parcel and gasped at the bill.

While he was mumbling outside the bathroom, I turned the shower and ignored his nagging hahaha.

In my defence, I have not bought anything for myself for about 3 months and I have been working like hell. I need a booster:)

Finished shower and came out from the bathroom. I was so excited seeing my clothes and started dancing around in front of my baby.

She looked dubious, thus I let her touch my new gold button military cardigan. See, she understood why mommy was so excited.

It smelled good mommy.

We went to KLCC , Maxis centre.

Hubby need to change his iphone due to some technical problem.

Our number was called but a Caucasian man cut the line. The counter guy told us to wait.
So I waited for several minutes but the guy was taking too long.
The next number was called. My patience went out the windown.
I've been patience long enough.
Approached the manager and told him that my number has not been attended and they are calling the next number already.
He fixed the confusion by ordering a new counter to be opened.

Then and there I realized how impatience I am. Still, that was my husband's turn and eventhough my husband never say it, I know he was glad  that his wife always handle everything smoothly and skillfully.

I wore my new outfit.
Fashion valet back to basic top. It was a side slashed top which I used for nursing gladly.

It was so crowded that I started feeling dizzy.
I'm not a fan of a crowded area thus the lack of window shopping or wandering around in uptown.

Nursing room. Terbaik!!!!
So spacious and comfortable.

Love feels like this. Chewaaah hahaha

Being stranger's favourite this little girl. Even the Korean tourists couldn't get enough of her in the lift.

The said,'She looked like a Korean but her parents are Malay'.

She must have received the genes during our Seoul vacation at 6 months pregnant.

Lunch at Chillis..
Chocolate Molten Lava!! The best!!
One minute it was warm in the mouth and then ice cream cold. Splendid.

We couldn't take her stroller inside.

She got all excited seeing the light.

Wearing shawl from Ig Sheerlovecouture. Very breezy and easy to wear.

I bought few more today. Whatt?? A girl needs her shawl in all colors and patterns.
They were just RM15 per scarf so..

Go get them!! They are cheap but high quality. Very wide that I can easily cover my chest, long enough to wrap around my head, thick enough to cover the exposed neck.

Nice right??
Okay, got to sleep now as I have a birthday party to attend tomorrow.
Good night:)


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