A special moment

Today after work at 5 p.m. Isabella and I went to Alamanda to grab KFC. I was starving and my husband had an early morning shoot in Shah Alam. I haven't had any lunch yet.
He drove the car with Isabella's stroller so I had to hold her in my arms. Can you imagine carrying an almost 7 kg baby with one hand and the other is carrying a plastic bag of KFC meal + drink in a plastic cup? I had to walk so far from the car park. I took her through the outdoor pool and she loved it. I felt like everybody was staring at me, or maybe it was my Japanese slippers hahahaha.
I imagine they must be thinking 'poor lady carrying her child, no stroller. She must be poor. Just look at her worn out slippers. Buying KFC. She must have bought the cheapest meal.I wonder if her husband is around. Maybe he is a soldier. They don't stay at home that much'. hahahaha.

Back at home, I was starving so I opened the box. I practically ravished the chicken. Then, came amy little bugger crawling and grabbing my box, spilling the cheezy wages on the mat.
She is at the age where she grabs everything in front of her.
I had to stop eating to tend to her. Eating while tending to your child can really get you filled up so quickly.

Then, we went into the shower together. It was such a playful bonding time. I wonder why I never thought of this. Me and her under the soothing warm water and twirling under the rain. She just giggle joyfully, enjoying being in mommy's arm with the water trickling its way down our faces.
That was a memorable time. We had so much fun. Maybe other mothers want to try?
You won't regret seeing the joy on your child's face. Such a great bonding time.

She fell asleep right after that. So early. My husband came back at 8 p.m. and I know he missed Isabella so much that he kept on hugging and kissing her but the little bunny didn't wake up at all. He went to work before she woke up and he came back after she fell asleep. Poor darling.
Isabella is coming with mommy to clinic again tomorrow and daddy has to work too.

Tomorrow will be a long day in the clinic. Anyway, have a great weekend beautiful readers.
Good night:)


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