Classmates in Sarajevo

So I was waiting patiently yesterday, for my husband to safely arrive in Sarajevo.
Alhamdulillah he has.
And it seems that he is having a great time.
I am so happy for his opportunity to experience this.
His only complain was that it is cold. hahahaha. He hates the cold weather.
He can't stand it.
Eventhough that it is spring now and the temperature should be approximately 12 and above, it is 5 degrees at Sarajevo. They just had snowfall yesterday. The weather are very unpredictable these days due to global warming.

They flew with Lufthansa hmmm bestnya.. Malaysia-Frankfurt-Munich-Sarajevo.

This just came out on Iqram's ig. Amboi2, having so much fun nampak??
hahahahaha. Glad that you are safe and happy. Go for it!!

They are all classmates since university days. Mr Director Izzman, Mr Sound Man Zainorsyam, him, and Ms Yana Samsudin. Mr actor Iqram Dinzly was his classmate during diploma time.
So it is like a university trip to Bosnia. So fun right?

Zarina Af is also there. She is very chilled.

His story is more exciting than my life here hahaha so no story about me today. Especially since Bosnia has one of the best scenery in the world. I can't wait to watch Kalau Hati ini rama-rama just to see the background. Beautiful pictures. If you want to catch the updates on their trip, you can follow ig @yanasamsudin, @iqramdinzly @iskandarzulkarnain_

Owh I am ebm now while blogging. It is time to drop Isabella to the daycare. Peace out.
Have a nice day:)


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