Curriculum Vitae..

Good morning dearies, I wonder what you guys are doing on this beautiful day?
As for me, I am with Isabella, being a mommy.

Here she is having the apple oat. She has become so heavy since weaning. She loves the food.
Since I have started introducing food last month for 1 meal a day, I have stepped up to 2 meals in a day now. Lunch and dinner or just breakfast and dinner. I will see which one she prefers.

Now that she is enjoying Baby tv, I can get back to writing my CV and personal statement for Master applications. Sigh. I don't know if I will get them. Hopefully I will because I don't want to get stuck in the hospital with long working hours especially if those fields don't interest me.
Man, it is not easy preparing a CV especially when nobody has taught you before. My husband prepared several CVs from time to time but I never asked him how he did it and now he is not around. Thanks to my good friend here MR Google:)

It is not easy filling up the applications when your baby kept on calling you. hahahahahaha. Anyway pray for me people, please.

As for my husband, he is having the time of his life enjoying the heavy snows in Sarajevo. I called him perak hahahaha. Of course I reacted the same way for my first snow encounter.
I was even worse because I decided to lie down in the snow and rolled around. Then, we tackled each other in the snow and the boys grabbed a snow ball and hit us in the face. Can you imagine, 19 years old girls amd boys chasing each other in the snow. Hahahaha. The Russians were just watching with a smile. They know we don't have it back in Malaysia.
I mean I just love snow. They covered all the dirt and turned tge brown ground into a white pile of fluffy bed. The trees become white with and shiniy with ice crystals, it was like a fairy tale. Once, we just finished class and were walking out from a hospital. I was so excited to see during the lesson, snow has fallen and everything became so beautiful. The earth was white and tree was shiny with crystals dangling. Heaven:) So in my excitement, I started jumping in the snow all around. Have I mentioned that it was not my first encounter with snow? I was in my 4th year as medical students. I wasn't the only one excited as my classmates started taking out their phone to video record the heavenly scenery.
I didn't bother recording as I was busy hopping around like a little girl while saying 'I am a bunny a bunny, I am a bunny hop hop hop' when suddenly I tripped on th the ice into the snowbed and it was recorded clearly. Well, everyone laughed especially my boys and they were so infectious that I forgot my sore bump and started joining in.

See what I mean? hahhahahaa.

They have started shooting Kalau hati ini rama-rama and Cinta meniti stari most yesterday till 2 a.m. Sarajevo's time.

Counting days for him to come back. It is too early right? hahaha he has been gone only for 2 days. Okay, I'll start counting from next week. He will be back on the 9th of May if everything goes smoothly. Have a great weekend people. Need to get back on my personal statement. What should I say to show my interest in the programmes? Sigh* Crushing my lazy brain.


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