Daycare dilemma

I picked up Isabella just now. And I witnessed something I don't like.
athere was another baby on Isabella's sleeping matt and using her pillow.
I am not stingy. It is just that I don't think sharing with different kids is hygienic.
I don't know them and their health. What if the baby has acute gastroenteritis one day and slept on her matt. She might be infected. There are so many diseases which spread through this.
How about lice or skin diseases? Hand foot and mouth disease?
Waaaa! I am freaking out. I can't help it because I am a doctor.
What if there were so many other kids using her matt too and she has so many bacteria now from others.
But I don't know how to tell them. They might think that I am being fussy and hate me which will affect my baby?
I also notice that Isabella is becoming thinner now. It has just been 2 weeks.

What a dilemma. Do you think I should tell them not to let other kids use her staffs?
Would you let others sleep in your bed???No right.

Help me:(


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