Drinking from a mug!!

Day 2 of eating healthy..

I woke up today and made us tuna sandwich for breakfast.
Then, I head to my laptop to check my blog, facebook and instagram.
Wow, you guys must have really enjoyed my post yesterday because it was a hit!!
More than a thousand readers!! Clap clap. Happy dance time.
Quack quack quack.

This was taken from lastnight. After my baby fell asleep. It was the time to hit the net.

She can be very willful these days.
She has insisted to drink from my mug.
She always see me drinking water in the clinic at work.
That is my way to keep myself hydrated.

So she threw a tantrum when I pushed away the mug after she tried reaching it.
Trust me, she can hold the mug and pour the water into her small mouth.
She was a bit clumsy though as if she didn't have anything to drink before. I stopped her and tried to breastfeed. However, it just made her cry even more.
She wanted the water in the mug and thats all.
How can I reason with a 5 months old?
I am a proud mommy seeing my baby holding a mug and drinking herself just like me. She looked like a pro. I was just assisting her so that she didn't choke herself with her clumsiness.

Guess what I am doing right now??
Something to do with shawl..

I am styling my husband for his trip to Bosnia.
I am his wife cum stylist.
hehehe I am helping him because I have lived in a cold country almost forever.
So here I am advising him on what to wear and different ways to tie the shawl.
I love shawl because it keeps you warm and at the same time makes you look stylish, classy, funky , anyhow you wish to look.

Here are some of the inspirations.
If Malaysia is not so hot, I will dress my scarf everywhere. We still can though, with a thin scarf, silky ones.

Owh I forgot to tell you that he will be going to Bosnia on the 14th, the day I report back on duty!!!
:( I wonder if I can juggle my baby and be a single mommy working again. InsyaAllah.
Nothing is impossible.
Thats the spirit!!! hahahaha.

Okay good people. Bye:)


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