Great News!!!

Good news!! Ya Allah I am so grateful to Allah.
This is definitely a test that was bestowed upon me.
I just found out recently that I didn't get to transfer back to Klang Valley because the Director in JKNT has not given his approval. I have sent personal letters to the JKNT and KKM stating my problem especially with having a little baby.
Then, I found out, I still don't get to change their minds.
I was crestfallen. It is not that I am 'manja'.
If I was, I wouldn't have gone to Terengganu alone during my pregnancy without a husband.
I went there until the time has come for me to apply a transfer.
Now that I have a big obstacle (a baby), it is not easy to handle her alone.
Because it is far from my relatives and family.
I usually stayed in a rented wooden room with a leaking ceiling.
The place was bad and uncomfortable but I forced myself to hold on.
Facilities are lacking and don't expect to have a supermarket with trolley or one that fit a stroller to pass through.
The place is so hot and dry that Isabella will suffer her heat rash and will definitely torcher me with her wailing.
My wrists are in pain and I can't handle her alone.

So these few weeks, I tried to self motivate. Pray to Allah that He will show me how this should be done (single mother).

At the same time, I have emailed my letter to the higher authority in KKM 3 days ago.
Guess what??
Today I got my reply.
I will be transferred immidiately to Selangor from 14/4/2014. Alhamdulillah.
I just couldn't believe myself.
This is like a dream.
I didn't expect to be transferred this fast simce they are supposed to discuss in a meeting which will be held somewhere in mid of April.
My guess is that I will have to return to Terengganu atleast for a month before be transferred.
To be transferred immidiately without going back to Terengganu is a blessing.
Today is for a celebration.
Somewhere, someone has listened to my prayer and has answered.
So people, I will be nearby.
The lesson I learned is never lose hope. When nobody is listening, Allah will. 
So baby I guess you won't be seeing Terengganu beaches anytime soon:)


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