His New Girlfriend

Good afternoon everyone. I just had lunch with my husband.
We made my favourite meal.
And now it seems like my 'pure-Malay-tongued' husband is a fan of my healthy eating.

Pasta salad and roasted chicken.
It is very easy, healthy and most of all, simply delicious.

You can prepare this for 15 minutes and just let it roast in the oven.
That was what I have been doing back in Russia.
I wasn't the type to eat rice and I didn't miss the local dishes one bit.
It is just that my husband wasn't a fan of Western food that I had to cook our local dishes.
However, once he tasted mine, he has been requesting the roasted chicken everyday.
It tastes way better than Ayam Mas, Secret Recipe and in the words of my husband,'Better than the Tony Romas chicken'.
Yay!! clap!!

Maybe I will share my recipe next time ok:)

Sadly, I can't cook Asam Pedas:( hahahaha it is just that I don't eat Asam Pedas and didn't know about the existence of it until 3 years ago when my friend asked me to tapau Asam Pedas from the hospital cafe for her lunch. I confidently tapau curry and she was so shocked that I didn't recognize Asam Pedas. The next time, she took me down to the cafe with her to show her favourite Asam Pedas.
Bless you Aleya.

Actually, this is not what I wish to share with you my reader friends.
Owh at first I want to express my appreciation to all of you for being supportive of my blog each day. I am simply overwhelm by the supports. My stats have reached another 10 000 views within just a month. How awesome!! Thank you again. You guys have been my encouragements:)

Every day, whenever I see how many people have read my post, I get very encouraged to write more and more.
To be able to get 500-700 readers in a day is more than what I have hoped for.
Thank you love:)
I will do better.

So actually, this is what I wanted to share with you. My husband has a new girlfriend!!!
Can you believe it?
Somebody took few photos of him sneaking out behind my back. What a shame!!!

Look at you being naughty with 'Nur'.

Here he is acting as a nerdy student, Nabil who was in love with Nur, Yana Samsudin.
They look sweet together right?? And cute.

Here is the Mr Director briefing them about the scene.
My sweet Nabil. They will fly to Bosnia next week and will leave me behind again. hahahaha.

They will see you soon on tv Kalau Hati Ini Rama-rama:)
What a cute title. It tickles my liver already as if there is a butterfly inside me hehehe.
Goodbye butterflies... See you again.


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