Like a boss

My Isabella is 6 months old and 2 days today. And see what I bought for her...
jeng jeng jeng..

The baby chair. Now she can watch her tv programs like a boss.

Getting distracted by the tv. I showed her how it is done and let her watch. She still hasn't grasp the concept of this game yet as she kept on throwing all the rings on the floor. Mommy was nominated as the Ajks to pick up the rings from the floor.
This game suits a 6 months old baby. Babies like to imitate adults so I will let her learn this through imitation.
It is good for motor skill and her mind.

She can also sit on her own without my support.
Proud mommy moments. Hahahaha. Poor hubby for missing this. When he comes back, I am sure Isabella can do a lot more.


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