Long holiday is ending. Time to get back to work!!

My babygirl will hit 6 months soon and that means mommy will be back to work.
She will stay at the nursery.
We found a good nursery in the neighbourhood. They don't have babies yet and they limit the number of babies strictly. Babies will be separated from the other children in a private room.
I went and visit the whole place, have a chat with the owner who also teaches kids overthere.
Hopefully, my baby will feel comfortable.
She has been with me for so long, never been away from my sight.
Mommy has enjoyed these lovely period of time devoting everything to you, watching you develop.
Despite being on unpaid leave for too long, I find everything worth it.
I have done what I wanted to do, which is to teach, play and help my baby develops.
She has grown into a fine infant making me and hubby proud.
Her developments are way beyond her 5 months age. She is at the range between 7-8 months development milestones.
She can sit with very minimal support and she can stand while holding the rail.
I shower her in the sink with her standing, holding the rail.
That is very fast!!
I am super excited with her every achievements.
She understands and responds to our conversation.
Example, whenever anyone says baby, she will turn her head and look directly at you. 
She does the same thing if you say Isabella.

She always try to attrach our attention when we are doing something else by saying 'heyyy heyyy' with her little hand reaching to us.

She also like to unfold my sleeve.

I am constantly saying simple words to her so that she will listen and learn to say back.
My favourite words are baby, Isabella, mama, baba,tata, hye, bye bye, apple, cat, cow and etc.

Since I did this way before, she has recognized the word baby, Isabella, hye and bye.
That is why she keeps on saying hyeeee hyeeee hahaha.

Hopefully she will say other words soon.
God knows she is talkative and loud enough these days. Noisy.

Try talk to her and you will see how she responds. She will laugh, grin and involve in a baby chatter with you.

Physical developments wise, she can grab everything now with both hands, transferring one toy to another hand. She has learned  coordination. She has mastered pincer grip which is usually develop at 8 months.
So beware, as she will pinch you from time to time.
I take pride with every achievement because I observe her and everything that she does.
It is like what is the point of me being a doctor and I don't practice on my baby, right??hehehe.

Everything is fascinating to her, which means everything goes into her mouth, even her feet.
I just let her, as putting stuffs into her mouth is her way to explore things.
These days, she prefers standing than sitting which means she will push herself to standing pose and putting her steps one after another with minimal support.
Definitely hard body and strong muscles. Her body is very packed and heavy but not fat.
Breastmilk must be really awesome right baby?

Here she is feeling sleepy and tired after playing with her lady bug sof toy, placing her head on it as a pillow.
I love every second of my time spend with her. I have used it well and very proud of myself.
Motherhood is something I am very passionate about and I am good at it.
To new mothers out there, I hope you guys will take advantage of your time with your babies.
To play, to chat, to teach, to love, cuddle and hug. I know that we are busy but if we make it our priority to just lie next to them and get involve with their activities, we will be able to do it. Breastfeeding is a moment that you share your bond with your baby. It is a sacrilege. When you drop everything that you do to just lie next to her whenever she needs you. You will feel how important you are for your baby. Everything that goes inside her body is from you and you are the result of your baby. 
I take pride in that. To me, motherhood is simply fabulous, not at all difficult, far from burdening me, doesn't make everything complicated at all. It is the best thing in the world. I wish that all mothers feel like this and I pray that everyone's dream of becoming a mother will come true. Amin.


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