Medela vs Snow bear

I want to share my experiences using Medela Swing and Snow Bear Breastpump.

I have been using Medela Maxi swing since the day Isabella was born.
Until recently, I broke the valve while cleaning it. So I had to buy the spare parts for Medela valve, tube and the shield.

As I couldn't find them in the stores so I ordered them from the Littlewhiz.
They cost me RM 178.

The day that they arrived, I was so excited as I have not pumped my milk for almost 2 months. Lucky for me as I was on leave and my baby was always next to me. I still have some stocks in the freezer. However, I have not used them as my baby is never away from me.
So as I was assembling the parts and trying my new things, the vacuum didn't work. So I went to you tube for troubleshooting, fixed my assemble again and press the on button.
The suction was too weak.
Where did I keep the waranty card???I threw it away. Chit!!!
Now what should I do?
This costed me RM700 plus.
Now with the sparepart they will cost me more than RM 900. What a waste.

Finally, I thought let me try another brand. A cheaper one. It is not like my old breastpump was my favourite. So, I don't see the point of getting Medela again. Just wanting to test another brand.

Snowbear breast pump.

However, I have a little liking for something cheaper. Anyway, yesterday my husband went to the babystore and bought the Snowbear breastpump RM 180 from a baby shop in Bangi. I was at work.

So as I am testing it while blogging, I am so surprised!!
The suction is strong but very gentle to the skin. The shield is soft as it is double layers with rubbery material instead of the plastic shield from Medela.
It has a strong base support which I use to place my bottle and free both of my hands, thus the makes blogging easy.

Medela's base was too light and unstable. You cannot fix the bottle in it and place it on your thigh while pumping. I still need to support the bottle as it becomes unstable. So I never used the yellow base again. Pointless.

The tube. There was no backflow of the milk into the tube.

When I was using Medela, I had to make sure the tube wasn't tangled or I will get the milk inside the tube which means afterwards I will have to wash inside the tube.
There were several times that the milk backflowed into the tube,
One tricky thing if the inside of the tube gets wet, it will not dry fast and fungus can grow inside. That is why when I spotted the fungus, I shrieked and tried to look for a spare tube.
All I found in the store was a tube which will fit the Snowbear pump. As the Snowbear tube is more standardized.

Now that I am using Snowbear, I noticed that the tube doesn't have a backflow at all.
The assembling was so simple and soft. I didn't have to insert the tube so hard because Medela tube was plastic hard while Snowbear tube is rubber soft. You have to use a little pressure when you connect Medela tube to the shield.

One more thing that I like is that after I stopped pumping, the milk on the shield will not drop on my thigh or on the floor as it is contained in the double layer shield. If I use Medela, being one layer plastic shield, the milk will drop on me if I am not careful to direct all the drops into the bottle.

Can you see the milk inside the shield so nothing drops out.

The left side , there is the bottle cover and an extra valve. The right side is the breastshield cover.

I wonder why they sell this so cheap. When I visited Kedai Bayi Murah at Putra Heighs, the owner told me that this is by far their bestseller. I thought it was because of the price. Now I know that it is more user friendly. Don't tell my husband this or he will nag about how I am prejudice towards cheaper things when they actually can work better sometimes. Not all the time right? Usually, more expensive means quality but I guess that theory has a fault at times.
So to the new mothers or if you are pregnant and wondering what breastpump to buy, why don't you give a try for Snowbear? Trust me it will not break your bank and you will love it especially when your breasts are not used to the suction yet, this gentle shield won't hurt you at all.p

This is just my opinion through my experiences of using both pump. Not that I hate Medela. You guys might disagree with me as I know there are many mothers using Medela. hehehe. If you want to buy my sparepart, just contact me as I have not used any if them yet:(



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