Packing to the beach

Hye, what do you guys do on this Saturday's night?

Make sure you make it worthwhile:)
As for me, I am spending it with my loved ones~husband and baby.
They are watching football, daddy and daughter's time.
I guess she is cheering more than daddy does.

I am packing for tomorrow beach getaway with the whole big family.
It will be Isabella's first visit to the beach. I can't wait.
We are having a barbeque on the beach and everyone was given chores to prepare for tomorrow.
I will marinate 2 whole chickens to be roasted.
Hopefully, the weather will be awesome.

These are the things that I packed for Isabella.

I forgot to take out her swimming diapers which I bought from Isetan.

A simple sweet dress from Baby Gap for the beach.

Poney dress. I love Poney as they make the cutest outfit for kids ever.

The detailing flower on a knitted top.

Poney rose top. Very cute. I can't wait when she starts walking to buy her cute little pumps.

Have a great weekend people:)


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