The Baby Nursery Project

Hye readers.. How was your Saturday?
I was working for the whole day.
Isabella is teething and she is not in her best mood.
Hubby was at work yesterday, so baby has to come with me.

Here he was yesterday with Lady Norish Karman. She was nice and friendly according to him.

Today, he is free and taking care of our little bunny at home while mommy goes to work till 5 p.m.

I want to share with you my new project..
Guess what??

A baby nursery. Wink** 

All these while Isabella has been sleeping in our room. Although she has her baby cot, she spend most of her time on our bed. Some nights she will be sleeping in her cot which was combined with ours.
However, we just miss her when she wasn't next to us cramped together so she always ended up in the middle in our comforter. Family snuggling time.

Still, I want to set up her nursery in a room next to us as we have plenty of empty rooms in the house.

So I have been browsing the net looking for some inspirations.

My theme is pastel colors.
My floor is the wooden parquet kind of floor.
So it will go well with pastel and homely look.
I am actually a fan of vintage, country, Victorian decoration.
Urban modern decoration? I'll be running away.
I think a house needs to look homely with wood and warmth instead of the steel cabinets with few furnitures as if nobody lives there or maybe a robot might live there.
So European decoration is always my inspiration.

My floor is just like this. So I am choosing cream, pale pink and beige.

Sweet right? Do you like my choices??

So here is what I need:
-Frames, make the room very sweet and warmth so I will need to print Isabella's photos to fit in the frame.
-White curtains
-A single sofa
-White rack to place her toys and books.
-The canvas baskets to organize her toys and to place in the shelves.
-Baby's wardrobe.
-wall vintage mirror.
-Beige color carpet.

I will get a baby table set with chairs, some tea party sets for her to play later.
She will have colorful extra pillows and baby sand bag for her to lie down when she reads.
That was how I spent my childhood. A pillow and story books.

A rack filled with different type of stories, fluffy, cute toys to snuggle, a rack to hang all her dresses, shelves for shoes.

Yup! I have been making this my project and doing it a little bit at a time. Hope it will be ready soon and I will share with you. Sigh** I want to be my baby too. Why didn't my daddy do this for me? My daddy and decoration? Weird hahaha. It's okay baby because your mommy is way cooler than grandpa.

Okay people, tmrw I will be going to Shah Alam to report duty. Nervous giler. Hopefully I won't be thrown somewhere like Sabak Bernam, Kuala Kubu, Tanjung Karang and those far far away places. I will definitely share with you okay.


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