Weekend Getaway

Hello everyone. How was your weekend so far?

It has been great for the three of us.
We had a family day at the Ancasa Residence Port Dickson.
Everyone from my husband's side of the family joined us for the getaway.

We chose a three bedroom apartment to fit us all. My husband has 5 sibblings and 4 of them are married with kids. So you can imagine how havoc it can be, but totally fun.
They made living with sibblings seems enjoyable.

We had to stay a night as hubby has to work on Sunday afternoon.
We checked in at 2 p.m. and spent the afternoon at the pool.
There were 2 pools with slides for the children and a big pool for adult.

The water level was quite deep for adult, which reached just below my chin.
The pools were not that packed and we were very comfortable. Hubby and I took turns to watch Isabella. I enjoyed my swimming time so much.
I have just realized how much I missed swimming. The feeling of floating in the water is just so relaxing as if there was no care in the world.

If you wish to chill with a whole big family like us, I would recommend this apartments.
Isabella is very familiar with the routine in the pool and she seemed to be at ease, kicking her legs in the water while observing everyone.

It was a very big apartment with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The kitchen was spacious, completed with utensils, fridge and kettle. I was quite impressed as I didn't expect much.
3 bedrooms apartment for RM530. A reasonable price.

Here is Isabella with her many expressions while waiting for her aunties to arrive.

She is enjoying her dinner, mushroom soup and mashed potato.
She loved them and ate quite a sizable portion.

After everyone has arrived, we had a bbq gathering by the beach at night under the stars and moon. Isabella had a nap before the party began. She was carried on a stroller to the beach which she then woke up and enjoyed the sound of the wave and wind. I found the whole scene very romantic. I totally understand why couples come here at night. We strolled along the beach just hubby, baby and me. Peaceful.

I ordered a birthday cake from Hudakexbakery.
This is a rainbow marble cake. Simply delicious. You will not regret it. Call me drowsy but I thought it tasted like ice-cream last night. Not overly sweet, just soft and heavenly tasted. You can visit her at facebook Nurul Shari and have a look around. If you know how fussy I am with pastries and cakes, you will trust my judgement.
hahahahaha. They tasted way better than the Secret Recipe but were never that expensive. Pfffttt Secret Recipe.

My baby girl is a laidback type. She enjoyes nature and swimming with  'at peace' look.
I really love that.
The weather was simply splendid. We woke up early and had a breakfast at the hotel and went for a stroll at the beach. The sky was so blue and the wave was simply charming.
Then, we explored the secret garden which made me feel like we were lost in the ancestral heritage.

The entrance to a secret garden. Felt like in Lembah Bujang.

See how she observed everything attentively. Nature girl.. 
We definitely enjoy our quality time here and will be coming again. InsyaAllah:)
Hope you guys have a great one too.


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