Why does your partner cheat on you??

I understand why people accidently cheat on their partners. It is not that they want to but it happens, not that I condone cheating or forgive cheater.
When you are married, both of you are busy, you feel like your husband stops noticing you. You wonder if he finds you attractive or have you suddenly become ugly? You go in the outside world, men still gave you the look, some still turn and watch as you walk by, press their honk as you walk along the street and you started thinking,' I still am the same person. I still got it but somehow my husband doesn't see it? or doesn't appreciate what he has?'

What is going on?? Welcome to the life of marriage. Courting season is over and you have a baby, why does it have to be different? Why can't we stay young and playful forever?

One day, a man came to see you in clinic and said he actually met you before and he though you were single and turned out you were pregnant. I totally didn't remember him.

'Owh awak dah pernah jumpa saya ke?'

To me a patient is a patient. Too many, how can I remember? Unless the regular ones.

He replied,' Dah pernah. Susah nak lupa muka doktor'.

He looked at Isabella and mentioned how cute she looked.

He lingered in conversation. Discussion has strayed from patient-doctor topics. It became casual. He was telling me about him.
My eyes darted to the pile of patients's cards i dicating the lines waiting for me outside. However, he was very reluctant to stop. He was nice though and gentle. Giving me all the encouragements and supports. I wonder why?

Realizing that he has been stealing my time, he asked for my numbers so that we can pick up where we left off.
I gently declined.
He asked me when will I be at the clinic again, my next session? I told him next Sunday. He left his numbers and said wishing that I would contact him and we might see each other again.

Now, when your husband is far away, no time for you even to say hye or lend a support, you will feel lonely and sad. You feel neglected. I wish that he is the sensitive kind.
You look at the numbers and at the back of your mind thinking, maybe it will be just an ordinary chat. Nothing bad might happen.

Yes, and that is how the unfaithful act start. From just a normal text it could develop into something more.

And you think, if he finds me unattractive, well others do. So it will be his loss.

The truth is, every relationship has its up and down. Even if you jump into another new relationship, the time will come when you will start having issues. The question is will you run away or will you tackle the problems? If you are a runner , will you run away forever and everytime? No relationship comes perfectly except we will have to work for perfection.

See how easy temptation land in front of you but it is a choice, your own.
And even if your partner does stray a little bit, maybe we should reflect back on ourself.
That does not mean it was alright to stray but it means there must be a problem somewhere that he or she looked for comfort elsewhere.

Yupp my husband is a blind bat. I just wish he would praise me now and then. It is not so that I feel good about myself. I have heard praises from others  but from someone I love is a precious one. It is a sign of appreciation and love.

Guys, husbands please appreciate your wife. She might not tell you everything. Just like me, I don't like to tell everything from my heart to my husband. I will say something and if he didn't react they way I wished he would, I would keep it inside.

Every wife wants to be praised.

Thank you for doing this for me. Thank you for giving me a cute child.
Thank you for always supporting me.

You look beautiful today. You look good in that.

Like I always say to my husband 'I am no psychic. I can't read your mind if you don't tell me'.

To him, I know how good looking I am and there is no need to tell me that I look good in that or that he likes what I wear.

The thing is I don't know that he likes whatever I wear and I don't think I am beautiful. What others see is different from how I judge myself.

Yeah if you think your wife knows how pretty she is and she doesn't need you to tell her now and then, you are so wrong. She doesn't know. She doesn't go in thinking 'Owh I am so pretty, owh I wanna wear this to be beautiful, owh I should buy that so I will look good'.

She has so many on her plate being a wife, mom, working, to pay attention to what she should buy or how she should look. Unless she is Victoria Beckham with her famous entourage.

Yeah you never know when your wife or husband might be lost from your grasp.
Nothing lasts forever.
We should make it last.

This is my opinion and if any of you find it disagreeable, I am sorry ok. peace:)


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