10 ways to feel sexy again after child birth

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
I know now that men are reading my blog which makes writing a little bit harder.
The thingis what I write here is all about sharing what goes on inside a woman's mind. Hopefully there are ladies out there know that we are all the same. Before you read this, remember, this is a lady writer which means practicality is out the window hehehee.

Ok, here goes..
My topic today is about body issue.

I was walking around in Alamanda last week when I spotted a long embroidered white dress. It was just perfect.
It clicked in my mind and I have been thinking about it for days. So, I have decided that I will go back to Alamanda to I try it on and perhaps  buy it.

So, 2 days ago, I went to that Nichii shop and put the dress on. It has pretty embroidery over the chest and long chiffon skirt that goes on forever. The skirt just flows gently around me and it made feel like almost a princess. It was casual but sweet.
It fitted me perfectly and made me look tall.

The sad part was, it was in white. White and my bosom just don't get along well. It made my boobs look big. I mean they are big but I have been covering them with colored tops such as black, navy blue and etc. Wearing white, makes them visible to the strangers eyes.

I felt so down. That was because I have been very self-conscious about them as part of physiological changes after pregnancy. I understand that I should be grateful that I am able to breastsfeed my baby. Trust me I am. However, accepting the changes is not a walk in the park.

I immediately texted my husband and told him my problem about the white dress. His reply was,' Hmm kesiannya. Macam mana nak bagi kecik balik supaya u boleh beli dress tu?'

hahahaha he was sweet for trying to comfort me eventhough that wasn't the correct response. However, I gave him points for effort.

The correct response would be,'It is okay sayang, you are prettier however you look. Giving birth doesn't change you. It just makes you better'.

Owh My I should be a man, a casanova perhaps.

The issue here is not about the boobs but the body changes that a woman goes after giving birth.
The psychological effect on our emotions.

After a baby, everything you knew and was so sure about yourself just changed. We can't accept that overnight. It takes time to accept and learn to love my body again.

You get fat after birth, your skin is less firm, your abs aren't that tight anymore, your boobs go 2 cups size bigger, the hairloss, and etc.

I know for a fact that even if you are as attractive as Victoria Secret supermodel, you will have bad day and start being critical about yourself.
That is because we are women.

Even if you say, you managed to shrink your size back without exercise, I bet there are many flabby parts there and here.

When I talked to my friends, they admitted that they did go through postpartum blue for feeling unattractive. When I looked at her, well she is just as stunning as before. She is not fat at all.
You see, what a woman sees in herself is different from others. We are very critical and judgemental towards ourselves. We strive for perfection and that is killing us.

Finally I was tired of nursing bra.

I want to feel like my old self again, young and vibrant. This plain skin colored nursing bra is not attractive to me. So I went to lingerie shop. My choices are Audrey and Triump usually but today I wanted to try Triump.
The sales kakak was so nice to me. I told her I wanted full cup, no push up, t-shirt bras.
She measured me. Hmm guess what?? Jaw dropped when she said 34E??? What the hell it was D during pregnancy and C before. So I tried her choices and bought several sets with panties. To me wearing a set makes me feel good.

I realized that I can still be myself again. I just need a change here and there. Ya, I cannot use the old pattern half cup t-shirt bra again but the thing is the colors are still sexy. It made me feel like a woman instead of just an old haggard mother.

I was very determined. To make me feel confident about my body, I have to work out to tighten it back.Thus the daily push up, squats, butt's workout, different type of abs work out.
My body changed as fast as it has before(when I was young and working out).

So yeah I am still the same person with the same strength and determination. I am not gonna let this physiological changes bring me down. If I don't like you, you should go.

My point is, instead of complaining and cowering at a corner, lets do something about it.
We should try our best to be what we want to be.
Even with a fit body, we still have to accept the fact that ageing and giving birth has effect on us but we will still look good enough for ourselves and husbands.

Besides, we have an arm candy to go along with that tight body. We might not have everything but we might almost have them all.

So, what should we do to feel better again??
1)Eat healthily-so that we can stay healthy, slow down ageing process and be fit. Being a mother requires fitness. P/s I am tired already chasing Isabella when she gets in the mood of arranging my shoes.

2)Work out or if you are not into it, just go for a walk around the neighbourhood with your husband and baby. The family chat will make you feel good.

3)Buy new lingeries. The one which fits you well, support your body, makes you look sexy to yourself and your husband. Wearing ugly bra and panties especially be seen by husband is a major NO no matter how many kids you have.

4)Get new clothes which fit you well and lighten your face after you put it on. When you feel good, you will feel pretty.

5)Talk to your partner, joke and tease each other. Laughter is the best medicine.

6)Heels. Heels make me feel sexy and confident. So yeah, heels are must have.

7)Great skin care. Good skin makes you look younger.

8)Makeup. If you are not into it maybe you can get just some essentials such as BB cream, loose powder, cream blusher in light rose, lip gloss. You have to look presentable to your husband and to the world so that he won't feel embarass walking with you.

To me I love it when my husband says,' My wife is way hotter or syg lagi cun'.
It makes me feel good that he notices me and proud of me,

9)Moisturized your skin especially the neck part.

10)Please wax or shave regularly. Busy is no excuse.

Being a mother doesn't stop Miranda Kerr from looking like her old seld. So why should you.


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