A new leap of life

Good morning,

Today is our last day in JB.
We bought a watch for each one of us yesterday. 70% off per watch!!! So you can guess the price range. For a normal price of RM700, you can get RM 290 and below.
That is a good bargain for a good watch right? So, if you want to look for a gift, go to Time Lab JPO. They will blow your minds away.

I am just loving the time spent with my husband and little one.
It is so precious.

I have recently chose another path for a career. I have resigned from MOH. It was one of the biggest decision in my life. However, I wasn't happy with the work, my life and how my baby was doing. I have been doing a lot of thinking. One day, I decided to be brave and for once in my life, to do something that I want, which makes me happy. Screw what people think. This is my life and I should choose how to live it. So, I resigned.

After 2 weeks, I am still so busy working in private clinic that I have no time to rest. The money is more but the good thing is I get to see my baby more. It is so flexible that I can take her to the clinic, where I can nurse her, watch over her and play with her during that short time between seeing patients. Well, I am very busy still but she is under my watch. She is gaining weight again, pooping daily again and I am very content. My husband suggested that I send her to the nursery but as for now, I like to struggle like this. Though, I am tired as the patients that I am seeing are as many as health clinic, but it gives satisfaction to be with her.

I have received several other offers but I haven't decided which way to go yet. Let me just enjoy this short period of time of working a good, normal hours. Maybe then, I will take a long rest before embark on a new journey. Believe me, the future is wide and you shouldn't fear taking a leap. I am so much happier now. So much content. Of course I miss handling emergency cases but I am helping others in a different way but the most important thing is, I am helping my family, my baby. I make us happy. That is the biggest priority. As for ambition, yea see you next year Mr. ambition.

I am going to use this period of time to be with my family, especially nurture my baby to her highest potential. I am still very busy as I am working in a private clinic on daily basis, and somedays I work for 12 hours but the thing is, I sleep with her at night and she is always next to me:)

A mom can have it all.

Alhamdulillah Allah syukur for giving me this courage. You know for how long I have kept this choice in my mind but too afraid to act. You kept sending me signs in everyway. Until I left it upto you. Then, you open up so many doors for me showing me that you are my provider, no one else. So I should pray and ask you, not anyone else. Sometimes I forget:)


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