At what age should we separate their beds from ours for privacy???

My 7 months old baby can stand on her own. She cruises with the furniture around. That gives me a heart attack.

My husband and get very worried when she does this as what if she loss grips? 
So we had to sit behind her or place pillows all around her. The thing is waiting for your baby all day long, hmm makes all the other chores in pending process.

However, if you make her sit or crawl, sooner or later she will get in a kneeling position and stand up with the furniture support on her own. If I demand for her to not stand, she'll start wailing. I am learning the art of patience. God knows I have very low patience.

But I learned the hard way that it is pointless arguing with a 7 months old.

So here is me on standby mode behind her. I am not her favourite person these days. Her daddy is. She gets so excited of seeing him and her personality totaly changes when he is around. My superbly behaved baby girl will cry whenever she spots her daddy and he is not picking her.
He can't be out of her sight or she will start wailing. When there is only me with her, she plays on her own or with me.

My husband is very clueless on why is she acting this way with him. She will climb on him all the time, place her cheek on his chest while facing the tv. Super manja gilerrrrr anak aku.

When her daddy is around, it is all about daddy. Blueeek. What a rude baby. Once, we were in bed, i was breastfeeding her and she was in between hubby and me. After she was done, she immediately turned to daddy, scooted and place a right arm around daddy's waist. In a second i was left all alone on my side of the bed, cold. She slept with him in that hug. Stunt!!Open mouth gaping!! 
I started crying to hubby,'anak I da tak sayang i lagi. Sampai hati. I was the one who carried her for 39 weeks, endured the pain to bring her out, took care of her all the time, being with her 24/7 when her daddy wasn't around and she just chose you'.

I think it is because she sees her daddy so much less that she utilizes full moment with him. Owh i forgot to mention that after a week that my husband is back, last night was the first time that she sleeps her usual early bedtime. Before yesterday, her bedtime was at 1-2 a.m. as she wanted to climb and play with daddy.

My little crawler is exasperating at times. We put her to bed on her cot which was connected to our bed. We stucked pillows all around it as a border so that she doesn't role down as the cot was slightly higher than our bed.

At night when mommy and daddy hugs each other, savouring good quality times after a long day at work, suddenly a giant adorable insect just managed to climbed all the piles of pillow, crawled down her cot into our bed and climbed on me to get in between us. Now, we say, 'hmm when should we start letting her sleep in her own nursery?hahaha'.

Poor baby. I guess it is still too soon. Lucky we still get a lot of activities around. Though I think before the age of 1 year old, she shouldn't sleep with us anymore. I wonder what she mights think her parents were doing. We woke her up too. I wonder how married couples have their intimate moments with their kids sleeping with them? I will have to research on that. Maybe I will write about it soon for the sake of sharing. I never knew that this was a big deal before. Now I am starting to think about it. I mean it is not appropriate for toddlers to see those intimate moments. 


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