Beautiful moment in my life

Isabella Hani!! What a beautiful name. If only you are as docile and gentle as your name indicates.
Mommy and daddy wonder why are you so active when other 7 months old are still trying to lift their upper body or learning to crawl. Here you are climbing on us, disturbing our sleep, standing with the help of furnitures, cruising around, jumping from one place to another, rolling from higher places to lower ground, giving us multiple heart attacks.

Seriously this is not funny. I see other parents with babies same age with Isabella and I asked them what their babies can do? Can they crawl or stand? No they are just doing push ups or pulling themselves forward. They are still very much immobile.
The babysitter says that Isabella is so active too soon in comparison to other babies her age.
It is tiring to keep up with her especially when she is in the mood of sorting out the books, files in the cupboard.

One of her favourite tease is pretending to bite my face. She will open her mouth wide right in front of my face and pretended to bite my face. Scary okay!!

What always touch me is when she gets so excited seeing her daddy. She is super 'manja' and such a soft character. She climbs on her daddy when he sleeps, touches his face and say 'heeeyyyyy'. When her daddy opens his eyes, looks at her, she will say 'hyeeeeee' and smile, laughs so loud, excited. She still miss her daddy, can't get enough of him. Seeing her love for him, always bring tears to my eyes. What a beautiful moment. Her love is so pure and it goes straight to my heart.


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