Finally found a new designer for our Raya's outfit!!Now I can't waitfor Ramadhan and Syawal to come

I finally found a designer for our Raya's outfits. I know that it is late but I recently remembered about Raya's preparation. My old tailor is in Selayang which is sooo far from Putrajaya.
I was bugging hubby on our theme color for this year?? Googled 2014 colors. Now, that means I have to go material hunting at Jakel and that is too much to ask for someone as busy as me.
I dug my closets remembering piles of materials that I bought last year 1 month before I became pregnant. Yupp I have 12 of them. So I sorted them out and decided on the pattern. 
Lucky for me, my friend Dr Lala kind enough to share her designer. I have been eyeing her raya outfit for years but tight-lipped to ask. He doesn't just make comfortable baju kurung/modern/peplum to wear but he makes designed fitted dress such the one you see NuritaHarith could make or even Jovian. You know those drapes. Maybe you don't get me. No bpneed to worry. I'll show you.Hahaha

He even made my friend's wedding lace dress. So talented. I thought it would cost me maybe Rm400-600 or more. That is because most tailors in Damansara charge that much for a fashionable peplum. Of course they look splendid but I am not having only one outfit for a special day right.
Surprise!! He charged only from RM150-250 depending on the designs.
For a simple kurung modern, he charged pretty basic.
So this year theme's color is the salmon peach. Now goodluck finding ready made baju melayu in that color.

I went to the Rina Salleh's boutique yesterday at section 7 Shah Alam. That was my first time. Although, I have been following her instagram, I have no idea how to get there. Shah Alam really is not my area. My husband knows it well simce he was an Uitm student and he did a fashion tv programmes with Rina Salleh Clothing 2 months ago. The long dresses were so beautiful, well covered. I especially love the pastels concept. The retailers were so polite, gentle and hospitable. I even mentioned to hubby about this and he said,' that is because Rina Salleh is a very hospitable lady. She is a true Malay who embrace the oriental culture'.

Now that makes me curious. If only I could meet her and observe her manners.
These days, we have forgotten our root. We are still mannered but to a limit. We have lost that old kampung style ,'Jemput masuk rumah, buatlah macam rumah sendiri, makanlah semua yang ada, tidola kat rumah kami, datanglah lagi lainkali'.

Who can blame us? If we have visitors all the time,when will we rest and tomorrow is another hectic day at work. Maybe we should try our best to embrace that polite, gentle culture. It is what makes us special right. I will try harder.Okay, come la to my house. I will cook something for you. Let me see what is in my kitchen?? Hmm just Maggie for now but we will restock tomorrow during groceries okay.


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