How to keep your man by your side?Isn't there a secret weapon

Hello friends,
My topic today is about men.

Do you know how we women complained about how men could easily stray from their marriage, how there are so many ladies out there waiting to snatch your men within seconds.
Yes, there are circling sharks out there.

We might blame the men. But lets listen to what men dislike in a woman.
Why do men cheat?
I don't think everyone does it on purpose. Maybe we can avoid this before it happens.
We are not immune after all.
What mistakes have we made?
First of all, the way to be better is to admit in making mistakes.

How to keep your man by your side?
Isn't there a secret weapon?

1)Lavish him with attention, care and love. Men, no matter how cool they might look, I believe they are just like us, needing attention, soft gentle words, a little bit of wooing won't do you any harm.

My husband discusses with me on everything including what shoes to buy or which tie to go with which shirt.
He would sent photos for me to choose if I couldn't join him for shopping. 
Thus I have to steal time to check my whatsapp because he will be waiting for my choice. For a busy me, I find that is not so easy to do but I understand that he wants my opinion and he trusts my judgement.
I call it 'manja' act.
So no matter how loud Isabella is crying and I am trying to console her, he suddenly asks me 'Should I wear this shirt with this pant sayang?'

(my reaction in my mind was seriously honey?You have to ask me now when Isabella is in one of her mood?)

I know then that he needs my attention, now as much as before Isabella was here. 
Why should I change things because it shouldn't.
My husband needs my attention just as much as my baby does.
Yupp!I give him what he needs and to me he is my big baby thus should be treated with care and love.

They look tough but their hearts are just as gentle as us or perhaps more tender.

2)You know how there are many young girls out there who could be eyeing your husband. 
Woman these days are wild and crazy so it is no surprise if they decided to seduce your husband. Well, with them being younger, perhaps prettier and more fashionable. You wearing kain batik or kaftan, sweating after chasing your kids. Which one is more attractive?

Hell, Why should we be the old hag? No way. Come on ladies. No kaftan or batik please.
I never own them and during confinement period, I refused to wear batik because I was embarass for my husband to see me in that.
I changed into long pencil skirts during confinement. Don't reveal everything to your husband.
Like you know some couple don't bother closing the toilet door during their private moment.
Seriously NO!!

Maybe we should dress up like the cute Japanese anime up there.hahahaha.

Remember the times when he was so crazy into you chasing you around?You are somebody he fell for in the first place clearly you have something that has attracted him. Keep that. Show him that. Which means you need to look good, hot, sexy and pretty. It is not that hard. It just requires time, effort and it will be worth it when your husband compliment you later.

To me the only compliment that I cherish is from my husband. The most important ones. I take pride whenever he says that I am way prettier than who and who that he has met even the celebrities. He is not the praising kind of guy but when he says it, it just light fireworks in my head. So, yea I dress up for him. I want to look good only for him. I do take long to decide on what to wear for him.

Let him think that 'My wife is way better. She is pretty, sexy, witty, clever and loving. I don't think anyone can top that'.

Yes thats what my husband tells me.

3)Never throw a fit at your husband. This is what a woman tends to do on her bad day. She might not blame the husband but she does get carried away with her tantrum easily. The man might think that she is displease with him. Believe it or not, man hates emotion running wild. They like to be at peace and quiet. If you have something to say, lets take a deep breath and say them in a gentle way just like if you would say it to your friends or colleage. On my bad day, I would come home quiet. Take a deep breath to calm my nerve.

Sometimes if I tell my husband gently, he thinks I am not being serious. When that happens, tears might emphasize on the subject. He doesn't like seeing me cry, or get upset. So, he always get the point fast.So no tantrum. Just use your tears but don't get snotty and weep that is so not pretty.

4)Cook for him. Try to cook his favourite meal. The way to a man's heart is through his tummy. There will be days that you are too busy to cook but thats okay. I will say,' I'm sorry syg I didn't get to cook for you but I promise, tomorrow is my day off and I will make your favourite dish. What do you feel like eating? And he is out the door to buy things for me to cook tomorrow.

5)Kiss his hands and cheeks everytime before he goes anywhere. He will remember you.

6)Seduction. Yupp seduce your husband. Having your husband initiate intimate moment is so typical. Boring. 
Why don't you start for a change. It is so naughty, fun and sexy. Get a sexy lingerie, wash your hair with a floral frangrance shampoo. Like me I love the smell of Clairol Herbal Essences. He will smell the fresh frangrance from your hair when he hugs you from behind. Slap a body lotion all over your body before you go to sleep. I choose Victoria Secret as they smell so enticingly romantic. Pay attention to the neck and decolletage area and spray some night perfume. I will just use Victoria Secret spray because the soft smell and it is not overwhelming like a perfume. You know when it comes to seduction, subtlety is important. Imagine when he hugs you, he will smell the tint of fresh floral breeze that is so gentle, soft and feminine just like you. As his hand touch your silky, moisturised skin he will compliment on how good you smell.

Now that is a lady. A flower.

Do that every night. Trust me that he will remember you whenever he goes far and he cannot wait to come home. My husband does. Poor guy he got all melancholy being away from me for a month.

7)How often do you kiss him? I am very affectionate person. It suits me more than my husband. So, whenever we rest in bed I like to be close to him and wrap my hand around him.

How often do you give your husband an innocent kiss? A kiss, a hug just makes us feel wanted and loved. I believe in every man there is a girl inside who appreciate affections just like a girl.

Maybe my husband felt awkward when I cuchyboo him just like I do to Isabella but that is because I think he is cute. hahahaha. He got used to it, me cuddling him.

8)Surprise gift for special occasion to your husband. Treat him for a special dinner. Buy for him something that he wants such as a pair of shoes that he has been eyeing for sometime.

9)Go for a romantic vacation. Walk hand to hand by the beach, enjoy the sunset together. Love each other. Rekindle the romance. I am the miss planner. My husband is busy working so I will arrange our vacations. That is the time when we get separated from the world and focus on each other.

10)Praise him. Always say nice things to him. Support his work and accomplishment. When my husband looks good, I will say 'you look handsome syg' or 'I think you are the most handsome man I have ever dated'.

It made him laugh but I know he felt flattered.

'I love your idea. You are brilliant'.
or when he showed you his work..
'You are very talented honey'.

If you wish to correct him then you should start with a praise for example whenever I want to correct his grammar, I would say 'Thats a good sentence. I like the way you use this word... how about if you say it like this? Yours is fine but maybe you will like it like this'.

I applaud his determination to improve in language especially English. We Malaysian might be able to write but speaking needs practice. You have to converse to learn. Making a grammar mistake here and there is not a big deal. We all make mistakes once in a while.

So do not condemn your husband but to support him especially if you are at an advantage.
Now that is how you become more than a wife,but his bestfriend.

We woman is driven by emotions. God knows we have so much. When that happens, take a step back, deep breath and think like a man.

Act like a lady but think like a man.
Because we are smart.
If you leave everything to your husband, you never know where your marriage will head.
You know what to do.
They are the head of the family but we assist them to every decision and direction. Trust me.
We influence the decision but let them think they make the final decision.
Hahahahaha cunning right.
Just don't misuse your power.

Happy marriage ladies.Xoxo:)


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