If Only I Know You

I can't believe this baby girl is 7 months old yesterday.
Happy 7 months old baby.
She has just recovered from an allergic dermatitis from Johnson baby oil.
I applied on her one night and her body temperature rised up.
The next morning after morning bath, I applied once more and I got an immediate reaction.
Her skin became so red and within minutes her rashes and wrinkle came out.
I immediately put the oil away and washed her body.
Since then, her temperature was 37.3' burning and she slept her day away. I placed cool towel on her forehead to decrease the temperature.
Used Sebamed rashes cream and Organic buds all over her body and face to combat the skin reaction.
After 2 days, her temperature was back to below 37 and rashes all disappeared.
At first I was waiting in anxiety thinking that it could be chicken pox or fine I was anxious thinking of all the differential diagnoses. Measles?? Strep infection? Talk about a paranoid mother. But I manage to stay calm and observe.
The lesions don't fit anything but allergic dermatitis.
And to confirm my diagnosis, they started disappearing after 1 day of sebamed and organic buds cream application.

No more Johnson product for you.
That will be your first and last.

Anyway, yesterday was my off day and we planned to have a family resting time or visit shopping complex.
However, late at night, we received a news that my husband's grandfather has passed away which means we have to go back to Tangkak the very next day (yesterday).
As Isabella wasn't feeling well yet with her red body, she wouldn't be comfortable in the heat.
The house as I could remember was very hot.

I really wanted to go and I tried to convince hubby that maybe she will be better today. It was at 6 a.m. and he was getting ready to go. I was feeling doubtful too because her rashes might get itchy in the heat but I just don't feel right not giving my final respect to the elder.
Hubby said he doesn't think that is right for Isabella. After all a funeral will be very uncomfortable for a baby especially in an old wooden house.

So, I stayed home, did 2 cycles of laundry, mopped the entire house and decorate the kitchen. Rearrange the wardrobe and dressing table. It was a very productive day.

Hubby came back in the evening and told me the story how his grandfather's face was glowing so bright as if there was light emitting from it. He looked as beautiful and fair as a baby. Everyone commented on that. He is an imam of the village for such a long time, was known for being very kind and generous. Has given lands to build mosque and never held anything back when others needed more.
I wished I have known him when he was healthier, that I could get to know him more. I only met him once last year and he has dementia already.

It made me think about this temporary life and how much lacking I am to face my Creator. How lucky those who have being blessed for thier deeds and love from our Creator.

Wherever you are, I am unlucky not to learn anything from you. I have never seen anyone look so beautiful after SakaratulMaut. And my husband said the same thing too. Al-Fatihah to you. InsyaAllah if we don't get to meet here, in this life, hopefully I will get to know you in the afterlife. Amin. Rest well atok. May you be amongs those who are under Allah's love and protection. The lucky people.


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