Skincare regime, Stem Cell..

In the spirit of yellow roses, I donned a yellow mustard scarf from lovely spell. It just suits someone who is always on the go like me. There is no time for ironing.

I got a pot of pale yellowish roses for my kitchen. I am going to take care of this plant really well.
Why did I buy them??? I love beautiful things. They represent happiness to me.

So, when I have them, they make me feel content and organized. I am super organized.
Like a freak. If one thing fall apart, it might throw me down the hill.

Today, I made lemon infused drink with a little bit of honey.

If you take this early in the morning, it is believed that it will cleanse your body, detoxify it.
Since coming back from Bosnia, my husband has not had any detoxification yet. Being bisy and exhausted during work, the body tends to accumulate toxin in between tissues and that will show on your skin.

The other day, we went for facial to our favourite place.

JWC Sg Wang. Ms Lily is our favourite beautician. When she works her magical hands on your face, you feel painless but refreshing. After the procedure, your skin just glow, no swelling, zits or redness. Brilliant.

I bought their masque which works so well to balance my oily complexion and to prevent blackhead. She gave me a trial kit for day and night cream I guess since we are such regular. They are so nice you know. Everyone who goes there is regular customer as I could tell by the way she tells her story. Ended up we all chatted together, exchanging stories while doing facial eventhough we were separated by partitions. Superfriendly atmosphere.

This, in the big box bottom, is stem cell.

1 tube cost you a hundred buck. My husband has been using this and I could see the differences. It makes his skin fairer clean and glowing. So this time, I bought a box. If you buy two, you will get one free.

The beautician complimented on my skin and how fast I have lost weight. Of course they met me right after I finished my confinement. Hahaha and I was bloated. We had a talk on what woman should keep on doing despite having children. We should still look good for ourselves and our husbands. That I completely agree.

So I will try this stem cell oil and will review about it after seeing the result. I am still an avid user of Loreal Revitalift. Skincare regime is about discipline.


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