Vintage, English dream interior

It was amazing, Lovely Lace. Don't you just love the cuties, the vintage accessories, furniture, the classic english interior. Sigh.

That is how I want the interior of my house to be, vintage and English.
My living room, kitchen and bedroom. Other areas, simple modern will do.

Why English is my favourite?? Because it brings warmth and love to your house.

modern dining room.
But just look at the wall, the chandelier, the black and white painting and the white woodenly carved mirror.

This is the kind of kitchen that I dream of. Very traditional, ecological, green and fresh.

I am not the most creative kind of person. So, I take inspiration from the net. Why not right??
And I collect them each day.

Can you see my vision now??

I have so much extra space at my backyard and the side of my house that my neighbours even build a swimming pool or a garden. We build nothing yet. The reason being is because we have no time to think about our new home. Now, that we have settled down properly, we are planning to start small with the backyard. Atleast to get some plants, set up a vegetable garden and have a Japanese carpet grass filling up the ground. 
Miss Isabella will enjoy the view since she is very mobile to our frustration.

I will update more on my progress. Hopefully I can squeeze sometime before raya kan??


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