A balanced diet for your baby

Today I made sambal ikan keli for hubby and I got praised super much. Hahahaha.
Now, all that sweat from my forehead just evaporated in a snap of my fingers.
He took care of Isabella while I prepare lunch.

Now that she is asleep, I am making her porridge for lunch.
It is her routine to eat 3-4 meals a day on top of breast milk in between.

She wakes up at 8 a.m. and immediately was givem breastmilk.
Once she is no longer thirsty, she starts climbing on me or her daddy.

Just like this. No late morning for us as she will crawl down the bed which is a big NO!!

By 9 a.m. I will give her breakfast. It could be vegetables puree, or banana puree or maize with milk and a little bit of butter.

I add butter so that it gets creamy, fattening and tastier.

And she will fall asleep again until lunch time.

Lunch at 12-1 p.m. will be porridge.
Rice porridge +shredded chicken/fillet fish/meat + vegetables.

For today, I made the porridge with chicken, broccoli, tomato, and carrot.

It is very important that she gets a balance meal. Carbohydrate, protein and vitamins , minerals.

After lunch, she will sleep again. She sleeps 3 times during the day.

After her afternoon nap, I will feed her dinner at 6 p.m. That could be the porridge or vegetable puree/ fruits.

She doesn't nap at night. That is the time when she is super active. Playing means standing while holding the table, bed, or her parents.
Crawling everywhere since she has mastered it.

By 9 p.m. she falls asleep till morning. No waking up at night at all.

Sometimes due to hectic schedule, mothers tend to feed the same food for a period of time. When that happens, just make sure your baby gets a balanced diet involving all the group of foods required. Protein such as meat, eggs, chicken and fish is excellent and very essential for human/ children. It is one of the main group which contributes to growth. The height, the muscles development, brain and etc. So make sure you don't only feed your child with veges and fruits only unless you are vegetarian and that is different.

Chicken porridge recipe.

-1/4 cup of rice
-1 small cup of shredded chicken
-2 small baby carrots sliced into tiny pieces.
-2 small broccolli shredded into tiny pieces.
-1/4 of tomato cut into tiny pieces.
- cooked them all together
- add a tbs of anchor butter to replace oil. Or you can use olive oil too.

Now that porridge is creamy and taste like dairy milk.
My husband agreed with me.

A complete diet for my baby.

Grow healthy love.

Happy trying mommy and just taste for yourself.
You might like it too:)


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