A hell of a week

These 2 weeks have been a hell of a week for me. I have been working stretched from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. It is exhausting listening to people go on and on about their life. Anyway I usually make it more fun by engaging in conversation with the patients. You will be surprised by the things I can dig from people. I met an engineer from New Zealand and we exchanged stories about the place as I grew up and went to primary school there. It was a heaven of nature.
Then I met an Austrian guy who has been in Malaysia for 4 years. He is going back to Vienna and he was so surprised that I have been there when I mentioned casually that 'I love the place'.

Vienna is a city where everyone walks from one place to another, ride a bike leisurely. I will definitely go back with my husband. It is too wonderful and beautiful not to share with him.

Then, there was a Chinese Malaysian lady who came back recently from the UK. We had a nice chat while I perform medical examination on her. We talked about travelling and exchanging experiences in between countries. It was exhilirating. She commented on my accent so I told her that I grew up in New Zealand until standard 6 and continued studies abroad. She has a British accent. We exchanged ways to maintain our accents and English in Malaysia as language needs constant practice and improvements. Language is so wide that you have to plunge in to explore. That is the beauty of it. I told her that I converse in English with my husband most of the time as  I feel more comfortable that way. I don't communicate in English with my patients unless required.
She is married to a British guy so she has enough practice in Malaysia. We talked about having kids and how to educate them. She is planning not to have any yet at the moment. We shook hands and hope to meet again.

It was exhilirating to find somebody that you can connect, be it a stranger.
So wonderful.

So, I had a tiring hours of non stop working but I chose to use it in a more fun mood uplifting way.
Everynight when I go back, Isabella take one look at mommy and burst into her clinging way.

She crawled to me quickly and started dangling on my knee wanting to be lifted up. What a sight that greeted me. I just love that feelings when your baby misses you. Hubby was relieved to see me as I could take over now. I love both of them to bits.

Hubby is going away to Muar for 2 days starting tomorrow and we are planning to spend some quality time for tge weekend.

Hope everyone has a good week:)


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