Beautiful moment of breastfeeding

After a long day of work, the thing I appreciate most is the little time I spent with my baby and husband before we go to bed. I know it is too short to compensate for my missing but it is very meaningful to me. We are on our bed and Isabella is in my arms. She snuggled peacefully, enjoying my heat and filling her little tummy. I will playfully kiss all her fingers, squeezing her chubby thigh and smoothing her unruly hair. At that moment, all that matters to me were them. The thing I appreciate most about breastfeeding is the moment when I come home and she snuggles in my arms, there were only the two of us and nothing else matters. It feels like the world stops, everything stops and I don't have to think about anything else other than her, at that moment of time. It is a blessing not thinking about work and anything else. It is a rest to her as much as it is to me. Forget about how nutritious breastmilk is, I just wanna share about the beautiful moment. You don't appreciate it at first,but as you go along, you realize what the fuss is all about. So to those new mothers, I hope you have the chance to experience this which could only be once in your life time and nothing could ever beat this experience. Good luck:)


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