Flower garden

It was a good weekend. We went back to my husband's kampung. The whole of his sibblings gathered. We had a friendly badminton tournament where i paired with hubby. We didn't win though because well we fought during the game. Hahaha. We are both too bossy to team up. We play good game as a single but when pairing, we ended up thinking the other might get it when actually nobody was getting it. However it was a good workout. We could have won if we were more a team than being competitive (kiasu) to each other.I swore to them that I will find another partner hahahaha. Then, we made up so we decided to play routinely since we both don't suck at this. It felt good to be in a game. Badminton used to be my favourite game. I was really good at it. After 6 years, I am out of breath but that I can certainly catch up.

 The next day my whole body hurt especially my butt. Good work out.

Isabella turned 8 months old. She is growing splendidly and we are so proud of her.
She socialize well and very friendly, which means anyone can lift her up. She won't cry or be scared.
Which makes my life way easier in kampung because my in laws will take turn carrying her around. Hahahahaha.

On Sunday,we went to buy plants for our garden. Hubby was interested in planting fruit plants while I am into flower garden. He bought a purple mango plant, palm tree and several others. I wanted to create my own English garden where we can enjoy the view while Isabella explore so I bought flower plants and chillies. Before we start planting grass carpet, we want to grow plants and tree first. Then, when everything is in place, we will spread the grass carpet where the ground will look neat and Isabella can roll around. She was so busy joining our gardening activity that it was more like disturbing us. The vegetables garden will be at our backyard. I am so excited to see the flowers today as I left to work. They are so beautiful. Now, that is something to look forward to when I come home.


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