Garden fairy

Isabella had a great morning where she got to lie on the grass for the first time.
She stepped on it cautiously and then her steps got excited. She was giddy in the excitement of nature. I let her explore the flowers which mean she picked several in her left hand. Seeing how she enjoyed her activity, I am more determined to complete my garden for her sake.

Letting children wander freely in a safe environment has many benefits. Children need to be let go to experiment and experient. That is why playground is a good place for daily visits. If you wonder why your children are too willful, active and out of control? Maybe that is because they are in a rebellious state due to boredom.

No matter how busy we are, we still have so much to be thankful for. We might not have the luxury of the time to always stroll with her in the park like others but we can still spend quality time exploring nature together just outside our house.

So lets make use of what we have and enjoy it to the fullest:)


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