Hating the separation..

Tonight was a really sad night for my little angel. Her daddy had gone to work and mommy had to work in the evening. We rarely leave her with my parents because they have too much on their plates to handle a baby. However, from time to time, I did drop her for a few hours  with them.
These few days, Isabella was willfully refusing her grandpa. 2 days ago, I went to my parents place to drop her. She cried so hard when I said goodbye that it broke my heart. I just had to take her with me. Yesterday, I took her for an hour until my husband came back around 7 p.m. and picked her up from my workplace.
Today, he would be late so I wanted to take her with me. However, my daddy came to take her with him. She cried so hard upon seeing him that it made him sad. I stayed with her while he tried to get her to accept him. She wasn't like this before until recently. I guess this is because I have beem sending her to my parents almost daily last week.She has caught the cue. She was fine after a while. So he took her home with him.

After 2 hours, my husband called to inform that Isabella has been crying non stop for 2 hours and he was on his way home to get her. I felt so bad but eventhough I was a lot nearer, I couldn't go see her.
I knew that she was angry. She didn't want to leave and we made her leave. Now, she was so upset that she cried even in her sleep according to my husband. When he got to her, she was still sobbing, and having hiccups that it was nerve wrecking. It tore his man heart too.

My baby suffered today. Poor girl. Thats it darling. You can tag along with me for as long as daddy isn't around okay. 

It was difficult to focus when you think of your sad baby right??Sigh.
Now looking at her calm face sleeping soundly, 1001 feelings burst inside me.
I missed her, I love her, did she miss me? Did she think that we abandon her? Was she really upset? Does she know how much we love her??

I gave her milk and yup she knows as she snuggles closer to me. What a blessing to feel her body next to me.
All the love I could store in me is for her. How could I love someone so much and at the same time be unsure and scared of losing her.

My round angel is asleep now.
Good night:)


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