Male domain..

My husband complained that I took so much space in our wardrobe. I said that I have nowhere to place my outfits and he has too much clothes for a man.

So, I came up with an idea. To set a room for his clothes. It will be like his domain.
The room next door is empty. So I just made do with whatever we have at home to set up his closets.
I will add on from time to time.

Spring cleaning time. It took me 2 hours yesterday and I haven't settled my own closet yet.

The most important thing is that, my husband is happy and I didn't hurt his feelings for taking over our new build in closet. I just don't want him to think that he is less important. Thats all.

Isabella's also shaing with daddy.

He told me that maybe he should make this his working room too. This is just temporary until we renovate the master room for a walk in closet and his office at the balcony with glasses wall. Can't have my husband be attacked by mosquitoes can I?? :)


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