Missing pregnancy??

Now I have been experiencing 'missing pregnancy' moment.
How strange?
Have you guys experinced this before?
According to my husband, he prefers that we wait until Isabella is a little bit older.
My view is for her to be atleast 1 year old before I become pregnant again.
I want a total of atleast 3 children and if Allah grant me, I wish for 4 kids.
2 boys and 2 girls.
Being pregnant this year is out of question as our schedule is packed and we have a big plan at the end of the year which requires excellent fitness on my level.

Furthermore, this baby is at her very active and adventurous stage.
Okay I can wait till next year.
Plus I took Pru Lady insurance from Prudential.
If I deliver after 2 years from the date of application, I will get a gift money RM 1500.
Best tak??
Get a baby and money at the same time. Hahahaha.

So for now my SIL recommended this Loette as contraception.
They have been using this for so long and it suits them well.
It costs me only RM 21.90.
I tried Yasmin before and it costed me for RM 35.
Surprised at Loette's price.
Regarding side effects, I don't have weight gain, water retention, dizziness or anything.
All is well.

I choose this because I hate needles or any procedure on me.
So this is the best method for now.

Until this cenonet become older:)


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