Mommy is her favourite person

Isabella has her favourite person every day. It could be her mommy or daddy.
Yesterday it was me.
She woke up at 9 p.m. and started searching for me. She wanted me and my boobs. That was the reason.
So as I was still at work, hubby made a loud speaker call so that she could hear my voice. She got all excited and confused all the same time.
As soon as the call ended, she started wailing again.
Luckily I was almost home.
We were reunited.
She climbed on me imploring to be lift up.
It was a beautiful moment.
While I prepare to hop in the shower, we played peekaboo behind the bathroom wall.
It was clearly seen that she missed me.
She was so excited to have me peekaboo ing her.
Daddy was so glad that the babysitting card was passed to me.
Every night, tucking her to sleep is something I look forward to.


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