Pregnancy tips to the first time pregger!!

Pregnancy is tough task.
Not easy peasy at all.
Why didn't anyone tell you this before you even get pregnant??
Like really tell you how exhausted you will be, how lethargic the first trimester will be?

Nobody wants to scare you that is why. Especially with labor scare.
So when you are in your first trimester, you get this high rise of temperature, letharcgic, nausea, vomiting, headache, sleepiness, constant peeing sensation or peeing in your underwear, you get panic.
Is this normal?? You wonder. And there they are the first timer preggers knocking at my door for consultation just to be assured.

The worries, paranoia at times are disturbing. It disturbs the new mother.

So here I would like to share tips on first timer pregger:-

1)Be prepared. Before you get knocked down, just be prepared with taking folic acid 3 months before you start conceiving. Now, don't come and see a doctor for UPT and when a doctor asks you,' Are you taking folic acid?' and you look blurred as a monkey. Folic what?? Acid what?? I am taking no acid missus.

Folic acid should be consumed for a whole of 3 months before your UPT becomes positive. It is believed to prepare your body an embryo development. Once you are pregnant, go ahead and get folic acid immediately. You have to take it until you give birth or continue post pregnancy and during your breastfeeeding periods if you wish.

2)Share with friends, mothers, mother in laws, sisters, sister in laws and people who have experiences.
It is fun to exchange stories on pregnancy experiences. It helps you deal with what is going on with you. So that you know what is ordinary and what is not. You shouldn't just share with one or two because everyone has a different experiences. Some mothers have them easy, hate them, but some have them bad. Mine was hmmm let me think, not that breezy at first but a smooth sail at the ends.

When I was pregnant in my first trimester, I had hyperemesis gravidarum (alahan) so bad. Despite my positivity, my body just defied me until I became in a state of surrender (pasrah). 
People say they were nauseous when they smell that but they still could take a bite.
Me? No bite?? I would vomit even if I take a sip of clearwater. I shared with friends especially in facebook. It helped to hear everyone's tips and experiences. Eventhough none of them worked for me but I learned what could actually help me.
Jacobs biscuits become my buddy. Tea, ribena, sunquick are my favourite drinks because the sour taste surpress my nausea. No milk, no chocolate, nothing dairy, no fish, no meat, no animal!! Get them away from me, miles away please.

Plain porridge was my favourite too with anchovy (ikan bilis) and black pepper. My hubby had to learn from my mama how to make this because travelling from Selayang to Putrajaya just to feed me a meal was ridiculous in the middle of the night.

I lost weight.I was a walking dead body until I reach 16 weeks.
Hello world!! I am back. Wahhh It was great to be back. Appetite was back, the world was so colourful again. Loving life.

3)No your limit. A pregnant lady should rest. When you feel tired or that you have a headache, check you hydration level, is it enough? Do you have enough rest? Sleep. Try to catch or steal a sleep here and there, not at work though but after work, do nothing else but rest. If the headache continues, check you blood pressure. Normal?? Then, just eat and rest and understand that it is a process for your body to adapt to pregnancy.

I went to Seoul for babymoon at 6 months. Bad idea. Because I realized that I couldn't walk that far before panting for breath. Travelling with public transports, metro and busses required us to climb the stairs in the subway. I love to walk along the streets enjoying the view. I don't like taxis because they make me miss things. Now, being pregnant, I had a limit. Climbing high stairs in 6 months was not easy. I did it though. I hated that I missed things but to my husband's insistent for me to take it easy. After 8 p.m. he would be out exploring the shops in Itaewon when I would be lying in our bed in hotel. I just couldn't walk anymore. My feet hurts and swollen.

But I love yoga and stretching during pregnancy. It helped with my backache and relaxed me.

4)Embrace your pregnancy. Get excited about having a baby. How should you do that?? Get to know your baby. You should follow her progress. At 16 weeks, how big is she? What organs have developped. Owh it is 20 weeks now and your baby can hear and feel you emotitions. So start talking to her. Share your joy with her, how you are so excited to see her and she has to grow so well.

I always do that when I was driving alone especially in Dungun or on the way back to KL. Heck, I was lonely okay. And she was my companion.

You can use babycentre or some baby apps. Just download them into your smartphone. You will feel involved in her growth. That will make you feel connected.

5)Read!! You should read about pregnancy and having a baby. What food is best for you and your baby. The tips. If you are not the digging into books kind, just buy magazines pa&ma, baby and moms ,motherhood and bla bla so many in the market. You will be prepared. You know what is good for you and your baby. You will take control and less paranoia.

You will know that frequent toilet visit is due to the expansion of your womb which is squeezing you urinary bladder and making it easily get fulled, thus the constant need to empty it.
Nothing more. Except if you have a backpain, pain at the lower tummy, burning sensation during peeing. You might need to check for urinary tract infection.

6)Go for a babymoon where you just chill and rest. Enjoy your new experiences. I went to Tasik Kenyir with my husband and his family. We went to the waterfall Lasir in the middle of the lake and spend several nights on a houseboat. I dived, swam and enjoyed nature. My husband was worried but I knew how to have fun without compromising my health and our baby. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a swim. I went snorkelling at Kapas Island with my family. Got a tan too. Swam in the middle of the sea without a life jacket. Cool ha!!

7)Stay positive. Smile. Get angry less. Greet people. Be polite. InsyaAllah your baby will be a good, peaceful baby. You will enjoy your gift of experiences.

8)Listen to surah and read Al-Quran. It helps to give you inner peace. Surah Maryam for easing labour and Surah Yusof for a beautiful baby. I also read surah Al-Baqarrah, Al-Mulk, Yasin and ar-Rahman. They were several more in a disc that my husband bought for me.

9)Prepare for labor. Watch out for signs of labor. Read about others experiences. Share labor stories. I asked my SIL to share with me, my MIL, my aunties and my friends. Everyone has it differently. I just couldn't wait for mine. Anticipate and be ready.

10)Finally, just enjoy the last moment of being only you and your hubby because everything will never be the same again. Now go kiss your hubby and cuddle before you will have to squeeze your cuddle time.

All photos are from google images.

Pregnancy is wonderful with its ups and down but it is just worth it.

Wait until you hear your baby laughs at you. What a blessing. I completely forgot the pain. Hahahaha.


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