I have been searching for a babysitter for the longest time and in despair, I moved to finding a good nursery for Isabella.
Still, I couldn't find the most suitable one for her.
We thought of getting a maid.
For months, we were debating on the pro and cons of having a maid.
Then, we thought that nothing could guarantee us anything.
Such as, having a babysitter from nursery, I felt like my baby was abandoned and eventhough, I paid RM 450, I wasn't at peace.

When you decide for something, you will get different feedbacks, depending on who you are asking or not asking, just answering her or his questions.
You might get a supportive feedback or you might receive several set downs.
The negatives one are mostly from the elders.
I guess they have a lot of worries that sometimes it seems like terrorizing you.

Such as,' I prefer sending to babysitter than having a maid'.
Well me too but Putrajaya is not an easy place to get a babysitter because most of the occupants are young government workers. I tried and failed.

Today, an old male doctor asked me if I have a maid and when I answered him politely that I am getting one soon, his reply was.
'If you have a maid, you might get a crazy one who will harm your baby. Your baby might be emotionally ruined you know. It is better if you leave her to the nursery'.
Thank you for your overly concern because that has been my number one concern too.
Of course I will monitor her by leaving her under supervision of my opah and aunt or install cctvs. You can't seriously think that I will let her handle my baby without supervision??

'A maid might steal your stuff'.

I know that too because my mom's maid stole her jewelleries so I will becareful.

The thing is some people do get an okay maid just like my grandma did. Her maid was okay.
But nobody is perfect. It is about tolerance and patience.

There are ways to convey your worries to your friends or colleagues or to anyone.
That is if you are sincere, you would suggest instead of saying the worst things which could happen to someone's baby. Words are prayer right. Being tactful requires a skill. And why don't we look on the bright side and work towards positivity

By the way, I found a contact to agent who provide helpers and the helpers are Malays. A friend of mine was kind enough to share her agent.They charge RM 600 per month. So if I deduct RM 450, I still have RM 150 which I usually paid for maid cleaning serving monthly. Infact I will have someone to help me take care of my house everyday.

Hopefully, my day will be more focused instead of running here and there to complete chores while carrying a baby and working.

I am worried too but as always at times we know things are never in our hands but Allah's.
Lets leave it up to the Almighty and we pray that everything will be fine.InsyaAllah.


  1. Hey babe its ok having a maid doesnt mean we r less of a mother.we do want whats best 4our child but yet in dis day n age we cnt get everythg we wish 4 huhu.so yea when u hv a maid later, mmg btul tolerance is key..hu2..anyhw best gila nyr rm1200 je 4 agent! Gosh kalo ak tau ade servis maid melayu xyah la byr 9k duluu tsk2.weh brp umo maid tu n asal mana dia??

    1. It is true we can't do everything ourselves right? Maid tu from Sabah and aku request ukur 35 to 40. This year mmg agennya 14k n monthly 900 okay. Aku dah lama dok cari maid ni. Dlm 2 mnggu insyaAllah dptla.


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