It is Friday people!! Thank God it is over. Hubby has come back last night. He picked Isabella from my parents' place. When I came home at 11 p.m. he was asleep and the baby has woken up, playing alone. After she saw me, suddenly you can hear her whine when like 2 seconds ago she was so independent.

Today was all about of house cleaning and making Isabella's vegetable's cream soup.
It tasted delicous. After the house was squeky clean, I made lunch for us and after a week, I am enjoying a home cooked meal again.
It has been a crazy week and I only had subway for breakfast, Jacobs crackers for lunch. When I come home at night, I was famished but it was too late for dinner.
I lost so much weight this week not because of food restriction but more like I have been too busy and occupied that I have no appetite.

I was telling my husband today again that I need a helper. I cannot do everything on my own. It was my exhaustion talking. I know we feel uncomfortable having outsider at home, especially looking for Isabella. There is the trust issues and all. For now, we are still thinking. We can't even send Isabella to babysitter. That is why our schedule revolve around her. Seeing how she is growing, I think we can survive this.

I woke up with a sore biceps and I though I slept on the wrong side. As it turned out, I was carrying her in my arms in Cold Storage the other day. So, I placed her in the basket and let her enjoy the view.

She is a blessing, this little girl. She is very calm as if she understood her mommy's life. I see other babies cry in the store, in the clinic and everywhere but she makes it easier for me to take her with me anywhere, like my arm candy. 

Imagine having a moody and restless baby, which means I can't take her to work at all.


  1. So you bring her to work? She looks so sweet :) Anyway hi I am your new follower :)

    1. Hye Dzureen. Ya she follows me sometimes maybe for 1-2 hours. Thank you for reading. Nice to know you:)


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