The perfect formula for a balance life..

Living in this new era is way challenging than living in the last decades.
What with us trying to find the perfect formula to balance a career, family and health.
So patients asked me, why do I feel so tired?? What should I take? Which vitamins should I take? Why do I get headache? My body is in pain at times. What is wrong with me??

There is nothing wrong except your life is not in a good balance.

Do you get enough sleep at night?? Are you able to enjoy a healthy complete meal 3-5 times in a day?Do you have a physical outdoor activity every few days??

The answer is always no I haven't had a good sleep for so long.

There you go. You cannot expect a pill of vitamins to recharge what you do not have. A body needs a good sleep to recharge you cells. A computer that stays on for days will eventually get hanged. So will you.

However, nobody has the perfect formula for this but when we set our minds, we will work towards perfection.

So, stop when you are tired. Sleep as much as you need. Rest. Spend time with your family outdoors. Eat good food together. Life is so short. You never know what will happen tomorrow. So, turn to your side and kiss your loved ones. Tell him or her what you feel. Smile to others because it is a good morning.

Have a great day ahead of you:)


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