The world is your oyster baby... enjoy it

Look what I have to deal with these days. She is 7 months old now but Lord knows how adventurous she is. She can sit on her own now without support. Very stable.
She walked along the bed or any furniture that can support her. She seems to enjoy standing more than crawling. She has been crawling for for as long as she can stand which is a month. Now that she has perfected her crawling technique, she seems to have moved on to standing and learning to walk. My mother in law commented that she is very advanced and she won't be surprised if Isabella can walk by Eid. She develops faster indeed in comparison to other kids. Trully. Not because I am her mother but because I am doctor.

We were excited at first with her achievements but now, we are kind of exhausted. Hahahaha.

I have relatives, colleagues and friends suggesting for walkers. I didn't say anything but smile.
Truthfully, I will not use a walker for her. In my opinion based on several readings, I have to agree to some scientists and peadiatrician that a walker doesn't benefit a baby but do more harm. A walker forced a baby to push with her unready legs in order to move and that put an unnecessary pressure the the less developped limbs. Some people think that babies who use walker walk faster than babies who don't but based on several studies, showed otherwise. When a baby is placed in a walker, she just skips crawling entirely when crawling build strength to prepare for another development.
Walker makes a baby lazy, sitting all the time when she is supposed to learnbalancing and coordination.
Besides a walker can be dangerous if unsupervised.

A baby has to explore because she is learning everything. And she cannot explore in a walker. She needs to see things, touch, smell and taste. To be able to do that, it has to be in a close range not in something like a walker. So, I let my baby crawl everywhere in my house. I just need to sweep and mop the floor squeky clean. I watch her from a distance and let her absorb everything. Let her put things in her mouth. Why? because that is how a baby learns by tasting. When she needs me, I will be next to her within second. I don't forbid her from doing this or that because it is part of learning. I also don't place her in a trapped area to make my work easier. You just have to make sure that it is safe for her which means all the electrical appliances, hot water and table cloth can't be reached.

Make my life more difficult but it is my job to keep her safe and to teach her about this world. 
I know we want an easier way especially on an exhausting day. But hey, seeing every achievements because of us are all worth it. However, this is my own opinion. I don't judge or forbid anyone from putting her baby in a walker. My relatives and family do it too. Everyone has a choice and say on how to raise her or his kids. This is just for sharing. Peace:)


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