When I met a black snake, I ran!!

Good morning everyone!
I hope you are planning an awesome weekend today.
As for me, I am stuck at work since yesterday but I will have a free weekend next week.
My husband and I are planning for more plants hunting for my English Garden.
A garden will not be complete without the beautiful grass carpet.
So we asked a landscaper for the cost.
Guess how much is he charging? RM 1800.
Wow, I guess there is no value for a thousand these days.
We asked another lanscaper and he is charging RM 4000 for our space.
Ok thank you very much.
So, we were thinking. Okay I was thinking out loud, ' Honey, what if we plant the carpet grass ourselves. I've seen my uncle does it. It wasn't so hard. You just need to dig the ground and place the grass carpet in order. And they grew into a fine carpet magically.

Hubby replied,'No syg that is too difficult. It involves a lot of work. We have to clear our lawn first. It is a big size and takes a lot of time and energy'.

Me: but I want a DIY garden.

We went home and I started digging the hard ground for my flowers and owh why does it have to be so heavy and exhausting. I barely made a hole. My palms suffered abrasions as a proof of my labour.
My last gardening activity was when I was in form 5, 17 years old. I used to spend my evening in my garden as a relief from my gruelling final exams preparations. It was very calming and it keeps me healthy.

I guess I need a truck load of plants to create a flower bed like this.

My dream garden.

Hmm what if it becomes a hiding place for some reptiles such as snakes.
Errghh I hate snakes. I've encountered them too many times in my grandma's place before.
A phyton sunbathing across my route to school.
A frog hiding in my school sneaker and I only found out when I place my foot inside the shoe and felt the soft, jelly texture, cold. Frog!!!! I jumped everywhere.Phobia!! Stupid frogs always peed inside my shoes. They hide during a rainy day.

Once,  I was walking in a bush with my friends. The lawn in our boarding school was so thick that we had to lift our feet high. Suddenly, my friend Idah shouted. She was asthmatic and so she could keep up with my pace. She shouted ,'Cip ular cip ular'.
The black snack with a white O on the head was passing in front of her towards me.
As soon as I heard the shout of distress, I broke into my sprinting mode. I was a school athlete back then. I ran and the snake was shocked to that it tried to get away and accidently knocked(tanduk) my sneakers. I had to run with my feet raised high up as the lawn was too tall.
The snake knocked me and I nearly fall but due to my stability, I managed to deter a bit (terpeliot) and continued running. I left Idah so far at the end of the meadow and she was still walking panting for breath. Hahahaha I realized then that instead of saving my friend, I saved myself. Bad friend.

I was also chased by a baby Cobra when I came back from school. It has shocked to see me and immediately ran towards me. I never knew I could run backwards so fast. It was as if I flew in reverse just like the flying kung fu lady warrior. Some skills ha??? Got it from watching too much Chinese ancient kung fu drama.

Aik, why am I sharing stories about my encounter with snakes when I wanted to share about me and gardening. By the way you can call me snakes expert because I've seen many kind. My cousing was kissed by a green snake on her cheek when we climbed a tree. She was so stunted that she fell down head first. Luckily she didn't suffer any severe injury.

Enough with my blabbering. You guys have a great day:)


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