Why weaning is so important and your breastmilk is not the answer to everything

Mothers are very sensitive when it comes to their babies or how they raise them.
Breastfeeding mothers are extremely sensitive about breastmilk.
That one I can confirm through facebook status.
Well, not me though.
I coudln't care less about what milk anyone wants to give their babies as long as the babies have a complete nutrition.

Do you know, I realize at times, scientific, medical advice is boring but I guess it is in my gene to share when I see something that is not right.

There is a reason why weaning starts by 6 months.
That is because eventhough breastmilk is the best food for a baby, it doesn't provide enough nutritions to a baby after 6 months.
If you compare a cow's milk and breastmilk, you will see the differences in fat, carbohydrate, protein and calcium contents on top of any other vitamins and mineral.
Cow milk has way more.
Now, we all know that milk doesn't have what fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken and etc provide right?? We learned in high school science class in form 2 and 3.

So do you think your baby is getting enough from just breastmilk only at the age of 1 year plus??
There are cases where babies die in Terengganu where I used to work because severe malnourished as the mother only gave milk, no other food. Now, you can be judgemental but they were uneducated, poor and family of fishermen. They learned from their ancestors.

Infants can be a very fussy eater. Not that, not this but still we have to try everything, force maybe. In a book it was stated that if a baby refused weaning, you can wait upto 8 months as after that you have to see a peadiatrician. Get your baby checked.

So, I asked to the father just now,'Have you met a peadiatrician regarding this? Did you go for check ups?'

His answer was yes and I was surprised that no one emphasize on this to him.
Did you see a doctor or just nurses??

He told me 'but breastmilk is the best food for a baby. It has everything'.

Yes. It is the best food especially until 6 months old as it provides enough until that age. After that, the growth is more rapid as the baby starts becoming mobile, the brain development is more crazy. The language centre, cognitive, speech centre, everything is progressing so fast. OMG! it is like a mad scientist in a baby's brain. That is why, a baby is out of control. One moment she touches that and threw it down, reached for another toy, opps its mommys pen, put it into her mouth and owh uncle was doing his homework and popped she lied on her uncle's book covering his vision totally.

Now, his book's page went inside her mouth.

We say, 'OMG you are so active.What is wrong with you?? Stay still will ya??Why can't you sit still or just lie back for a while?'

No she can't. She is learning. The mad scientist is processing,adsorbing everything in her field vision.

So, no, breastmilk shall be continued until 2 years old but it is not enough now. This is the upmost important stage of her life. You don't want to miss anything, do you?
No you don't.

Fussy eater needs to be trained.

A malnourish baby cannot be her bestself. What we are now, will determine what we will be in the future. So maybe, your child is the lucky one that she still progress like other kids but there are unlucky kids who developmentally delayed or who passed away because of this. Nauzubillah. I am not wishing,never.. but I feel it is my obligation to share as a friend maybe,or as someone who might rknow a little bit more than you,I said. That is because I myself have a baby and as a parent I understand you. We want the best for her. Maybe in the future, you would want her to be physically fit, or to play sport or to be on top of her class, who knows. You don't want her to always get sick everytime like this.We don't know the future. But we do our best. InsyaAllah.

What should you do??
-Now, atleast give vitamin supplement to top up.
-Try different kind of food until you find one that she accepts. Do not give up as she cannot depends on breastmilk forever.
-Have you tried yougurt, cheese, dairies for calcium?

-You said that she eats the food but maybe less. That is better than non. So give more often and feed her daily.

-Do not keep giving your baby the same kind of food because she will be a fussy eater.She has to try everything whether she likes it or not. Isabella hates peas but well mommy still make her eat it eventhough just 5-6 tbs.

-I let Isabella try my food, the food in my plate whenever she seems interested. Well, she wasn't showing interest but she demanded it. So she ate my cheese as long as it is the pasteurized kind, ate the eggs, bread, anything on my plate as long as it is not spicy.

The father accepted my gentle suggestions and he was thankful. I wasn't pushing him as that would be offensive. He could take my knowledge and do whatever he wants with it.

The wife on the other hand didn't accept it well outside the consultation room when the husband conveyed the message. She exclaimed loudly her displeasure and the facial expression turned sour even to the husband. He suffered her displeasure now in public. 

Now please mothers, I know you are proud of your breastmilk but open your mind and do not get offended when you hear new information. Nobody knows everything including me. That is why we need to read.

Sometimes,you don't like to read. I say you in general because I love reading. Google is not the answer of everything. I know you guys love googling and when you see a doctor, you act know-it-all when you know about one thing only. A doctor has to know a lot of thing so maybe what you goggle wasn't really correct but you stood your ground. In this challenging era, I refuse to argue with patients but I will listen and maybe suggest. If they are interested to know more then I will explain. However if they seem to know it all, I will smile and nod several times. Goodbye. I hope not to see you anythime soon but smile nevertheless.

So yes internet is useful but not always correct. That is why my no 1 reference will always be books.
My husband will say,'yes I read too'.
Me:What do you read? I have never seen you hold a book?
Hubby: I read on internet.
Hahahahahahaha. That doesn't count hunny I am sorry.

Like my dragon lady specialist always said to us when we were housemen,'You shouldn't read on the net and spill it out to me as your answer to my question when you can't pint point what article and who was the author, his credibility to me. I hate wikipedia so don't read that. They are for layman. You are a doctor so read books, journals or atleast medicinet, webmd.'

Hahahaha she was 'ganas'but who can blame her as she is forever awesomely-brilliant.So jealous.

I hope everyone's kid is fine and well:)

Lots of love from me. Just a friend.


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