A grateful heart is a happy heart

Today I want to talk about being grateful.
How many of us who are really grateful with whatever we have?
Grateful. Satisfied. Thankful.
Easier said than done.

We will never be happy until we are grateful.
I think I am.
I realized that I am not the type who complains about what I want and materials I cannot have.
How could I when I have seen others struggling worse.
I am so thankful with everything that I have and the opportunity to work and earn for living.

At times, my husband would stare at the ceiling in silence and suddenly said,' I don't have anything. I feel so down. I want a Mini Cooper S, Aprilia Shiver motorbike, a Mac book, a condominium, an orchard to plant Durian trees, a lot of money and I don't have any of these.

I turned to him and said,' Tell me again what you don't have honey?'
Are those things that you want are essential for life or just luxury?
We have our own house at this young age, each one of us have a car, we have a beautiful child, we found love, we have enough clothes to wear on our back and we have never gone to sleep hungry at night.
We could always buy what we need and enjoy travelling every year.
We might not have so much money like Nasa but we have enough for our family.

Have you seen others?Have you seen those who don't have a car and ride on a kapchai with 3 kids together?
You have not met an uncle who was admitted in my ward alone for a month.
When he was discharged, he didn't have any money to pay for a taxi ride to go home.
We referred him to social workers but the workers took so long to come.
His taxi was waiting downstairs so we, the house officers at that time chipped some money for him.
Imagine his son never came to visit him.
He was supposed to come with money but he never came to visit.

Everyone has her or his own worries.
Some people worry about not being able to put food on the table and here we are being upset for not getting a Mini Cooper S.
Isn't  that silly?
Come on. We'll get there. Just not today.
But I don't want a Mini cooper, I want something else.
I also don't need an orchard to get durian.
I doubt that I will go there because there are lots of mosquitoes.
Each day is a step for a better future.
Planning and patience is the key.
We'll get there.
Don't you worry.
You will see insyaAllah.
But we still have to be grateful for what we have now because there are others out there who have less but still grateful.

If any of you feel the pressure of life, just take a step back.
Instead of seeing what we don't have, just make a list of what we have.
See those less fortunate than you.
You will be glad that you are not them.
That being said, we should not wait for the moon to fall onto our lap but to work hard towards our target.
And always be thankful:)


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