Baby at work??

I know there are those of  you who wonder how do I go to work with a baby tagging along.
The clinic that I am working is no chilling kind.
There are so many patients on daily basis, as if this is the public governmental facilities.

I placed Isabella in her carseat on a chair next to me.
So that I can keep my eyes on her because sometimes she will struggle to get down.
She will face a laptop to watch Pocoyo, Bam Bam Billy, Numbers party and many more.
She sits in there watching her programmes silently or with a smiley face.
Very calm.

At times, if my husband goes to work in the afternoon, Isabella can come a bit later.
Usually my shift is in the evening which means she will tag along at 6 p.m. for about 2 hours before her daddy comes to pick her up.
Only 2 hours in the clinic? easy peasy.

However, there are days that I have to work since morning until night.
Isabella has no choice but to follow mummy since 8 a.m.
She usually will still be sleeping.
I let her sleep in the next room in the clinic away from those sick people.
She sleeps 3 times during the day and each time will be 2-3 hours.
Since she sleeps alone in the next room, that is how I minimized patients contact with her.
To prevent her from falling sick.
Looking for patients' cards

She wakes up at 10 a.m. and I will breastfeed during the short time that no patients are waiting.
Which means I have to do everything quickly.
To the extend I usually called the patients myself in case the staffs are slow.
Once I finished seeing a row of the waiting list, I will feed Isabella with breakfast, bath and change her.
Once she is settled, she will watch Baby Tv programmes on my laptop.

A bully victim.

By 11 a.m. she would be sleepy again so I will breastfeed her.
Put her to sleep.
Everything that I do, I have to steal a quick time in between serving the waiting customers.
It can get exhausting, stressful at times depending on Isabella's mood.
Usually everything can be handled smoothly.
When things get out of control this is what happens. She does some tidying. Don't worry, those containers just arrived from the suppliers, they are clean.
She thinks that they are her toys.

Her nap is usually long upto 3 hours.
When she wakes up at 2 p.m. her lunch will be ready.

I just have to use my time wisely.
For example when the baby is sleeping and I am free, I will make sure her lunch is ready so that when she wakes up and I am free to feed her, I can do it quickly.
I don't have to make my patients waiting longer than necessary.
Eventhough she is my baby, I don't compromise my patients at all.

Good thing is that Isabella is not the crying throwing tantrum kind.
As long as she gets a good sleep, feed to full and not bored, she will be fine.
I also have no time to touch my phone to check on social media when she is around except when she sleeps.
Blogging is only possible after her daddy has picked her up.

I have to also make sure that she gets some physical activities.
Play with her toys and blocks.
If I let her lie down in the seat for so long watching Baby Tv, she will get bored and start wailing.
So whenever nobody is demanding my attention, we will go for a walk outside the clinic under the tree watching the car passing by.
She will get excited watching the cars.
Crawled on the wall outside the clinic and sit enjoying the relaxing moment.
We will go for a walk along the bamboo trees and sometimes in the mall.

Everything has to be scheduled wisely in my mind.
Mommy has to be very efficient and competent.

By 4 p.m. she will fall asleep again after all those play.
Sleep till 7 p.m.

In Ramadhan, I often take her to my parents place during 1 hour break for Iftar.
She will start crawling inside the house from the living room to the kitchen, chasing my mama's cats and climbing the stairs.
She can climb until the top now.

Her daddy will come to pick her at 9 p.m. and by then, she would already bathed, ate dinner and well on her 3rd nap of the day.

Overall, during her 12 hours in the clinic, she sleeps a total of 8 hours, watch cartoon for 1 hour with multiple breaks, 1 hour in grandma's place and 2 hours spending outdoor.

It is exhausting running in between a baby and work but the advantage is that I get to be with her, take care of her, play with her and she is always safe with me.
For 7 months she has been following me around and our mother daughter bond is super tight.
I am her favourite person of all time.

When I leave her with her daddy and she sees me at night when I come home, she will get so loud, so excited and crawl to me trying to get down from the bed.
Even her daddy gets jealous seeing mommy's welcome home greeting.

Of course it wasn't my choice to take her to the clinic but I did and despite what others think, she doesn't get sick often because I kept her in contact with patients minimally.
Somebody with Chicken pox?? Get Isabella out from the room now.

However, I will be getting a maid on Thursday and Isabella has to learn to be away from mommy then.
Like I said, I usually work at night so I will stay at home during the day with my baby and my helper and at night when I go to work, my husband will come home to take over.
On the days that I have to work for a whole day, I will drag her and my helper to the clinic until I am satisfied with my helper. (trust)
Then I will leave them in the house under cctv and will come home to breastfeed Isabella and to do spot check.

p/s: I am blogging now since she is asleep in the next room:)


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