Ever being tricked by your spouse???

Have you ever noticed how when you buy something, they ended up belonged to your a partner.
Regardless your partner a he or she.
I have always wanted a 'Cun' camera so that I can post beautiful photos for my blog.
I shared my wish to my husband.
'How about the one Yuna used sayang?'
'Hmm that will be good enough for you but I can't use that for my work because I need a professional camera. I need a Canon 60D.'
Last year, we were looking for the Canon 60D.
However, they have stopped producing this made and still the shop were selling this around RM 3600.
My husband prefers this one as he has been using it and God knows what he explained to me were out of my grasp so I won't bother telling you as I don't know where to begin.

Last few days,I went home after work to an excited husband.
'Syg, you remember how you told me that you wanted a camera, I found one. My friend is selling his at an excellent price. It is still in a good condition. It is just that he wants to get another camera. RM 1300 only'.
Wow that is a great dea.
'Why is he selling so cheap?Is it spoiled?Can he be trusted?'

Hubby:No, he is just like that, selling everything with half price. There are more equipments that he is letting go. He was my office mate. I know him.

Me:Really?Okay tell him that I am buying his camera.
I have a new camera to blog. Hahahaha. Happy hopping around like a rabbit.

I just couldn't wait for my new camera to arrive.
One night, hubby came back with my camera.
It was still wrapped and packed in a box.
He unwrapped it in front of me and started snapping Isabella.
I was sitting next to him equally excited but unable to hold MY CAMERA yet.
hubby:You know that this is for professional and we used this during shoots. I can use it for work.
Me:Great. Then we can both use it. Although it looks complicated but still I can manage this.
How hard can it be?

He went on with the new toy.
Me:Can I see it now.


Kept on setting and snapping.

'Hmmm okayla I have nothing to snap on at this moment. I'll use it tomorrow when we are going to Ikea.

The next day..

Getting ready for Ikea.
Me:Syg, don't forget the camera.
Hubby:No! Don't be silly. You are not taking that camera to Ikea.
Me;Why not? I need it in case I want to blog.
Hubby:Pfftt. This is a semi-pro. You don't use it for blogging and there is no way you are taking this around town. You will look foolish. You should buy the small Nikon's like ayah's one.

Me:What??When I went travelling to Europe, my friends carried their DSLR around the neck, roaming around town.
Hubby:That is understandable because they were travelling. Not to Ikea though.

Then what is the point for me buying this??I told you I wanted a camera for blogging not for shooting. If you wanna use this, you have to chip in the money right?

Hubby:Of course I will pay you for my half.
Me:hmmm, if we are sharing, can I take this with me wherever I go?
Hubby:No you can't.
Me:Then, what is the point of sharing something if I don't have a say in it?? You pay full amount since this is seems to be your camera.
Hubby:No la, sayang we are sharing this but we have to use it wisely.

Clever guy.
 He tricked me into buying something he wanted as if it was what I have always wanted. 
In the end, I paid for his camera and I am still using my Iphone.

Okay, if he can take a photo of me looking as pretty as this, all will be forgotten hahaha.
Does your partner ever tricked you??


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