I know I am kind of slow when it comes to technology.
I have never used GPS before.
I get to one place to another by using the 'try and error' method or using the signboard.
Though, relying solely on the signboards was never a good idea as they can be pretty confusing.

I had to run a few things at the EPF institute.
The nearest place would be Kajang.
I am very unfamiliar with that area.
Hubby is occupied with work so I have no choice but to go on my own.
After a week, I decide that today will be the day for me to go with Isabella to the EPf centre.
Hubby kindly installed Waze to my phone last night.
He warned me to be careful with the instructions.

At noon, after Isabella's nap, off we went.
I set the navigation to Hentian Kajang.
Waited for a while.
And drove.
Following the navigation.
'Keep left'. Okay obliged.

Kept on driving.
Still silent.
What the hell now.
Aren't you suppose to tell me where I should go?
Is this thing even working??

'In 800 m turn left'.
What?? 800m.
Okay I can do that.
Hmm.. how many stones make 800m?
How should I measure?
How far is 500m?
Hmm come on Cip you were good at Maths.

Despite the confusions, we made it to Hentian Kajang.
Made photocopies of the documents needed for first house purchase withdrawal.
Everything done.
Thank God, Isabella was behaving.
Everyone commented on how well she behaved.

Myfirst experience with Waze went well.

p/s: Anyone who buys his first house and has paid for the 10% downpayment in advance can make withdrawal for the 10% amount of money.
The maximum period from the date of purchase is 3 years.

My co-pilot of the day.
She wasn't helping though.
Too busy munching her baby's cookies.


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