Good values..

I love watching cartoon especially the princess ones.
Is it the happy endings? the happy life or the challenges that the princesses have to face.
Now, my new favourite is Princess Sofia The first.

Isabella has her time to watch tv.
Other than that particular time, she will be playing and explore,creating her own adventure to nurture her creativity.
When it is time to watch, we will watch together, which means sitting next to me with her elbows on my tummy.
Thats how she likes it.
So, I have an excuse to watch cartoon at my age.

What I like about Princess Sofia is that they try to install good values.
Princess Sofia is a young princess who always empathize with others who are in needs, helping them and sharing her things.
Every day, she portrays different value for her audience.
Helping an old lady getting home in the jungle eventhough she was missing an important royal test,
protecting her sibblings, giving her presents to the poor peasant's children when they have none.
She is very observant, selfless, creative, brave and kind.
Isn't that what we want in our children?

I really admire the aim of this program.
The values they are trying to instill in children.
Hopefully Isabella understands this values and keep them within her.
Mommy also get to learn good values.

Engrossed with her Princess Sofia


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