What I need..

It feels so liberating to pamper yourself.
Today was due for our facial sessions.
As usual my husband and I headed early to Sg Wang Plaza to visit our usual salon the JWC.
The moment, I lied down on the bed and have my face touched, it felt so relaxing that I dozed off to sleep.
I have never slept during a massage or facial because I am not the relaxing type.
There will always be something creeping in my mind forcing me to think and plan.
I dozed off while having a laser treatment.
This treatment will lessened your old scars so that you will achieve the flawless texture.
I have been doing this for 7 months now and the effect is no more scars and bumpy skin.
She pinched my skin to remove the oil seed and blackheads.
Lily commented how my skin is very healthy and glowing now.
I take really good care of it and very discipline when it comes to my skin regime.
A foot massager came and performed her magic on my legs.
I swear my feet felt so light afterwards.
I couldn't even walk in a straight line.
Having your body and face being massaged are luxury.
I know how much they craved for this attention.
They have worked so hard each day.
This Ramadhan I haven't taken a day off at all.
There were so many things that I wanted to do with the house, the garden and Eid.
I worked extra and very satisfied with the outcome.
Still, my body deserved this overdue pampering.
At times, we have to give them what they deserve, a little nudge here and there
Thanks to my understanding husband who would take care of Isabella while mommy was having a relaxing hours.

We took turn to take look after Isabella while each one have a session.
Mine was longer since I included massage and waxing.
For me waxing is a must.

I was so happy with the hospitality.
The owner gave me several free stuffs which usually costed me a hundred buck.
She even took photos with us eventhough we are her regulars.
Everybody loves Isabella and complimented on how pretty she is and how her eyes are so beautiful.
I told them that is because she had an eye lifting surgery in Korea.

No make up look. 
The scars on my cheeks have lightened.
They can't removed the moles though. Too many moles on my face.
Ladies, I know we have been working too hard but lets not forget about our needs okay??:)


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