The village vs the city kids

It was my niece's 2 years old birthday yesterday.
My husband and I were doing some groceries shopping in Aeon Big Alamanda.
So we headed straight to Toys R us.
It was like a playground for me.
I always find excuse to walk around this shop even during pregnancy.

Bought for her a doctor set.
Now she can play doctor with her doll.
After choosing the gift, my husband gave a signal for us to go.
I looked at him and said,' No, I have to buy something for Isabella too or else she will think that I neglected her.
What an excuse.
I even felt proud of myself for coming up with that lame excuse.
Hubby nodded and I found a writing board with a pen for our little girl.
Couldn't wait for her to wake up and see her new toy.
She took one look and shrieked in happiness.
Pulled the pen which was attached with a soft spring to the board and put it in her mouth.
Then, she hurled the writing board across the room.
I looked at hubby 'Anak you ni ganas la. Ni bukan macam I ni. I sopan kecik2. Ikut u la ni'.

In the end it was Isabella's daddy drawing on the board happily.

I guessed, I bought Isabella's daddy a drawing board.

'Kecik dulu u takde kan mainan ni??' Hahaha I asked him.
Well we are excited to play with the toys that we bought to our baby because we didn't have all of them back in our days.
I reckon our toys were super classy, a stick from the estate to play as sword, seed fallen around the rubber estate to play as Congkak, trees to climb and many more.
Kids who play in the village are very creative in comparison to the city kids.
I guess I have to teach Isabella how to race an imaginary boats in a drain using a leaf.
After a rain, the stream would be strong and fast so that is the best time to start leaf-boat race.
Have you guys ever played this game??


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